Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pangs & Whatnot

Eating in a 'fructose friendly' manner really really sucks. I just want to put that out there into the echoing void of the blogosphere - so that should someone read it that they will then know.

Of course - I've got no complaints about the fact that (in theory) over the next few weeks my body is going to detox. Hopefully the bloating will go away, no more insane bathroom visitations, the 24/7 nausea should abate, who knows - now that I can't eat much of anything for 'sensitivity' reasons my appetite might even decide to come back for good - wouldn't that be ironic...

Funniest point to ponder for today is that according to our trusty (not so dusty) bathroom scale I'm just a few short pounds away from what Z weighs. Remember how I used to complain because I weighed 20 pounds more than him (then 50?)??? Well, that number difference is now officially less than 10. I should definitely do some snooping in the sisters' closets next time I'm in The Sun House. I mean - I'm really enjoying wearing my 'New Again - Old Clothes' from 2007-2008, but some 'New to the Closet Clothes' are always always always fun. Also - it's definitely time for a new 'chor ba'kir' skirt. My 'New Again' one had been worn for a year before it was retired and now it's hitting its 19 month mark - that's pretty old for a denim skirt that's worn just about every day. Also - it's getting too-big... but that's a side-point.

I didn't do too much today. A bunch of 'neverending project' work - making flyers and posters. Some brainstorming time and logo-trials. I also helped Sarah Leah with 'interior design' homework - so we chose tiles, flooring, paint colors, counters for bathroom and kitchen, cabinets and cupboards all for a house that she designed.

Z only wound up having 1 class today (from 1pm-2:30pm) so he was home for most of the day. He wasn't a lazy bum though - he washed all of the dishes from yesterday and then he even cooked me dinner!

We feasted on sauteed chicken breast, mashed potatoes and most excitingly lettuce!!! I almost forgot that there was lettuce in the fridge! It was crisp and cool and refreshing and awesome to use as a wrap for the chicken.

Tomorrow is girls challah baking day with Ariella and Meira. It should be fun!

Oh yeah - and the 'petek' from the post-office finally came which means that my pictures have finally arrived. I'm hoping to pick them up tomorrow. I'm so excited!

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