Monday, November 01, 2010


Let me begin with the simple phrase - I am.

Yesterday was quite the nerve-wracking morning for me. It all started off with me stressing out about my first-time-ever drive to Jeru. (Anyone who has driven on 60 will share some measure of sympathy. For you non-trans-Samarian highway travelers - I'll describe it as a zigzagging nightmare highway of doom running past a whole lot of Arab-willages. Suffice it to say - the speed limit is 70, I drove 95 and people were flying around me - even though traffic is only 1 lane in each direction.)

On my way out of the parking lot I was still undecided about making the journey alone. (Of course I had packed Toffee and Fringe to keep me company - but I kind of wanted some human companionship.) As luck would have it 1 lonely girl was waiting at the trempiadah - so I stopped and asked if she needed a ride to Jeru. Turns out she's a really sweet girl who is studying structural engineering of sorts in Ariel. Before she got into the car I warned her that it was my first time and that I was really nervous - she told me not to worry and that she was sure I'd do a great job.

Lo and behold she was right. We made it to Jeru in just 50 minutes and she rode all the way with me to Washington Street (where I snagged one of those 'easy to pull into' parking spots just 1 building over from where the seamstress lives.) Considering the ride took only 1/2 of the anticipated time (what the heck was I thinking leaving so early?!) I was an hour early for our appointment with the seamstress. Funnily enough after parking I called Meanma and Phil and they were just leaving The Sun House... So - I sat on the corner on a park-bench and wrote up a shopping list and read an article all about fructose malabsorption.

Our 'try-ons' were really quick - measurements were taken, lining was pinned and we even dropped off the fabric. Outside as we made our way back to our cars I freaked out again - I really didn't want to drive Home alone.

Luckily for me Phil was willing to accompany me - thus did I kidnap my sister. (Though she didn't seem to mind too much - which I gather from the big smile in the picture below anyway...)
Along the way we stopper off in Ofra and I pumped my own gas! (A day of firsts people - a day of firsts.)
We made it Home safe and sound and after a quick trip to the grocery store (to acquire some holy blessed Cheerios) we spent the afternoon relaxing and watching movies. Dinner was as fructose free as can be - we feasted on sauteed chicken with a side of garlic rice. It was actually quite tasty. Bright green toothbrushes abounded but did not glow in the dark and we went to sleep at 'bed time' because 10:30 is an extremely reasonable hour for sleeping.
This morning we were up bright and early. We left Ariel (20 minutes earlier than anticipated) at 7:30 and after missing the exit for 444 we took 6 down to The Sun House. We got stuck in a spot of traffic on 1 but still made it by 9:10.

I ran some errands around The Sun House and eventually it was time to go to the Dr. - now I've got my hafnaya for the 'Fructose Malabsorption' test and all that's left is to make an appointment and get tested! Fun fun fun fun fun!
At a little before 1pm I decided that the time had come to head back Home. Gulp! I was SO nervous to go all alone. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. I know the route to Ariel much better than in the other direction so I didn't have any problems.

I pulled into Ariel at just after 2pm and decided to reward my bravery with a trip to the grocery store for some potato chips (and dish-soap - cause chores might wait but they also pile-up.)
Now safely back at Home I'm comfy and warm.

It's really hard to believe that today is only Monday.

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