Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Roots & Toots

Wake-up this morning was at 7am. Z had to leave by 7:45 in order to catch a bus for a field-trip. He got to spend the day in Jeru sight-seeing at a whole lot of synamabobs (I guess there's enough to be said on the topic of 'the architecture of shuls' - cause he's got an entire class devoted to it this semester.)

I warmed a cinnamon bun up for him to take for breakfast and then did a whole lot of nothing.

Alright - that's not exactly true. First I baked a batch of peanut-butter chocolate-chip muffins (I got 17.5 muffins out of 1 batch) because the freezer stash got finished up. Then I did a whole bunch of laundry before going out to putter in the 'garden' - I re-potted the little orange tree and watered the other herbs.

I didn't end up going shopping (mostly because I didn't want the honor of shlepping the groceries up 2 flights of stairs.) The good news is that my pantry is so well stocked that we could last at least a month - probably longer...

After consulting the weather-site I decided that the night-time has gotten chilly enough for soup to be a feasible dinner option. I settled upon the idea of Bubby's tomato soup - because we hadn't had it in quite a while. Then I got this crazy idea that I should make a batch of garlic knots to go along with the soup. All in all it turned out to be quite a wonderful dinner.

I washed dishes twice today and Z washed the last batch so tomorrow morning there won't be any dirty dishes sitting on the counter and waiting for me.

We're thinking of going on an early morning shopping spree at Yesh. Z doesn't have class until 10 and the store opens at 8 - so that's plenty of time.