Thursday, November 04, 2010


Late night last night (thanks to homework and procrastination) so it was kind of a late morning. Alright so 7:30 isn't that late.
First thing on my 'to-do' list was making up a batch of cookie dough. I told Phil that I'd make sugar cookies for Shabbos and decided that they were gonna be the pretty swirly kind. Then I decided to use 'candy corn' colors.
I'm really love that Z comes Home for lunch on Thursdays. I was evil though and fed him leftovers. Garlic rice and roast chicken are a pretty good lunch though - all things considered.
At around 4 I drove him down to mercaz almog and dropped him off so that he could get a haircut. (He looks so spiffy now - for the record.) Back at Home I finalized the invitation, did some quick 'neverending project' work, got dinner prepped and baked the cookies!
Z finally got home from class and his dinner was just about done. Yay for little white fishies and roasted garlic mashed potatoes (yeah - we kind of put garlic in everything - it's just so yummy!)

Tomorrow there's a whole lot to do before we head off to The Sun House. In fun news Sara D will be coming with us for the ride!

Today was one of those funny days where the phone rang a lot. The nicest thing about the phone calls today were that 2 of them happened to be from very dear friends whom I haven't spoken to in quite a while. It really made my day to hear from both of them!

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