Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sheeps & Rocks

As much as I complain about Shabbos in theory - I love it in practice. Simple as that.

Last night was super relaxed. Dinner was a relatively quick affair. I didn't have any kiddush wine and stuck to my gluten-free diet, so I didn't wash for challah. All I had was a bowl of chicken soup. Problem was - it was an old batch that had been in the freezer and originally it had been cooked with an onion, carrot and a little herb bundle of parsley and dill. I figured that since I was only having 1 bowlful that the minute amount of fructose that might be in the soup would be negligible. Sadly, I was wrong. Within 40 minutes of finishing my soup I was doubled up on the couch and experiencing mild breathing-trouble. Thankfully the episode passed in about 2 hours.

This morning was quiet and I was able to lounge around and finish my book. 2 of Z's friends from school joined us for lunch - which turned out absolutely delicious. (I was exceptionally pleased that I hadn't messed up the potato gratin - which I seasoned with parmesan, mozzarella, salt & pepper - milk was the liquid of choice for the sauce and I used just the right amount to keep the potatoes moist but not swimming - score!!!)

After the meal we served desserts and took out Settlers of Catan. We had to teach the rules to our female guest - and she actually won the first game. We played a 2nd round (so that the boys could 'duke it out' and regain their title) but I wound up winning (partly because they had to go to Mincha and partly because I got ridiculously lucky.)

Somehow the entire afternoon flew by and before I knew it, havdalah time had rolled around. It didn't take too long to put the apartment back in order - and then we plopped ourselves down in the office.

I'm trying to work out my schedule for the upcoming week. Hard to believe Channuka is starting in just a couple of days. I've got to hang up the signs and get out the menorahs. I should also devote some time to figuring out how exactly to make gluten&onion-free latkes. It's a topic which will require some deliberation and experimentation.

That's alright - I'm up to the challenge...

If you want to read a funny sort of article which explains what fructose malabsorption is in simple terms - check out this article:

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