Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was highly impressed when Z was ready to go grocery shopping yesterday morning at 9. Now - thanks to the car we can manage a trip to the store and back Home again in under an hour. He even helped carry all of the groceries inside. As a 'thank you' I let him heat up some of the leftover garlic knots for breakfast - alright - so I insisted.

Z left for school and I sat down and worked on 'neverending project' stuff for a couple of hours - but I finished all of the work by noon and the rest of the day was pretty boring. Z showed up at a little after 2 - he had gotten bored in class and decided to skip the 2nd half. He came Home to work on a big studio project that is due today. Aside from a 20 minute break for dinner (I made baked ziti because I was too lazy to make pizza dough for pizza monkey bread) he's been working on the models and is still working now - he's only got another hour and a half until class so I hope he gets it finished. (Yeah - it's 7:15 in the morning - which means I spent all afternoon yesterday alone, and went to sleep all alone and woke up all alone and since today is a Thursday I'll be alone from 9am-9pm yet again.) I hate architecture - especially the schooling that goes with it. Have I ever mentioned that before?!

Back to the present - today is Thursday which means it's time to cook for Shabbos. Thankfully I've got chicken soup and matzah balls in the freezer - and I'm pretty sure I've got enough challah in there too.

I've got a lot on the menu - so I should be pretty busy making a mess in the kitchen today. I'll be making; pastel (even though I'll bake it tomorrow), chicken piccata, tomato-onion quiche, carrot kugel, tri-color pasta salad, chickpea salad, cinnamon swirl cake and (possibly) milano cookies (with or without the optional mint filling layer.)

I'm trying not to leave too much for tomorrow - but I'm pretty sure I can handle roasting a head of garlic, peas, salmon and washing lettuce on a Friday when I really need to scrub down my stovetop and counters...

Since it's supposed to be on the warmer side - weather wise - I'm thinking I'll also brew some iced-tea. Maybe I'll do some sweetened and leave some plain.

Ya know - looking at the forecast now - I'm happy that I decided against taking out the winter quilts earlier this week. On the other hand - I'm very happy that I decided to wash the softest fluffiest blanket in the world yesterday. Now it's all snuggly and smells as soft as it feels! Toffee was extremely happy to cuddle with me under it last night.

See that - I guess I wasn't so alone after all. :)

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