Thursday, December 02, 2010


Today I did 3 loads of laundry, washed dishes (twice), made somewhat of a lunch, went to town to pick up my package from the post office and to the 'spice' store (to get stuff for my fructozoidal fambily members) and I even made dinner after setting up the chanukiot.

In exciting news - it's officially the 2nd day of Chanuka! Woohoo!
Did I mention that I picked up my super-awesome present today? See it? You can slice in 4 different thicknesses and julienne tiny strips or biggish strips. It's so cool!!! I can't wait to give it a whirl! I'm definitely going to try this awesome looking zucchini pasta idea.

I'm also excited to make potato gratin with thinly sliced spuds instead of the super thick slabs that the food processor makes. The other part of the gift was 2 really great frying pans - an 18cm and a 20 cm for pareve! I have a serious addiction to kitchen implements - I can't help it!
We lit candles when Z got Home at around 8ish... Do ya see us in the window there?
Then we enjoyed an awesome dinner - Z got to wrap his pan sauteed chicken breast up in a wheat tortilla with chumus, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and some fried salami. I enjoyed my chicken with a side of white Jasmine rice.
Tomorrow morning we've got to straighten up the apartment then we're heading to The Sun House for the weekend. It's gonna be awesome. I've just got to remember to pack the menorahs...

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