Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favicon Fever

I know - I didn't post yesterday. To be fair (and honest) I didn't do anything yesterday. The most physical activity was getting out of bed at a little after 4 to wash the dirty dishes from Monday night's (extremely successful) dinner and to make some Tuesday night dinner - (3 cheers for lightly seasoned little white fishies and french fries.) I was feeling fine - for the record - it was just too cold for my poorly-insulated body. I can almost swear I was warmer last winter under my thick layer of bluber. Mind you - I don't want the blubber back - but it would be nice to be warm.

Today I spent a good 2+ hours in the delightful heat of the car. I picked Yael up at 9 and we made our way to Jeru. We found an awesome parking spot on Washington street. The dress fitting was great - cause the gown is gorgeous (well, I think so anyway) and cause I looked pretty darn good in it (I think I said the same thing last time) and I was so excited that the pretty nail-polish I love goes really nicely with the color of the fabric. (Now I just need to be super-vigilant about food for the next 2 weeks so that the zipper actually closes on December 30th. No more wheat-induced super-bloat - I guess pasta will have to wait until after the party - ah well...)

Our second stop was to pick up a big white bunny named Sugar. He's a classroom-bunny but the class is going on 'chofesh' so Sugar needs somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks. The teacher (Yael's friend) will be going to The States to visit family which is why Sugar is being bunny-sat in Ariel.

Leaving Jeru we decided to make a quick stop in 'Rami Levi' (a 'super-store' by Israeli standards) - the place is quite big, has pretty good prices, is clean and well stocked and really has a lot going for it. I was bowled over by the selection of produce - amazing quality and a huge selection and variety! Sugar came shopping with us too cause the parking lot was in the sun and we didn't want to leave him in the car - he was in a carrier which we put into the shopping cart then we piled stuff up around him. He behaved very nicely - if you were wondering.

Next stop was in Ofra where we filled up on Petrol. I was on my last 1/4 of a tank and considering we'll be doing a bunch of Sun-House drives next week I figured it was worthwhile to fill up at a gas-station where I get a discounted rate - yay Fuzzy(Paz)Gas!

We made it back to Ariel without too much ado and as we turned onto the back road into the city I saw a girl waiting at the bus stop - now buses are few and far between and it was chilly so I stopped and asked if she needed a ride up to the michlala. She was very grateful and hopped in. She was also quite taken with Sugar which made the ride up the mountain quite entertaining.

Luckily a bus was letting passengers off at the michlala so it wasn't awkward for me to stop to let off our trempist. Then I dropped Yael off and helped her shlep the cage and all the bunny accouterments inside. As I pulled into the parking lot Z came down and helped me get all of our groceries inside too.

I know the wedding is 2 weeks away and I've already mentioned the food-psycho I have to be in terms of monitoring what I eat - but I figure that if I eat something 'bad' all it really means - worst case scenario - is feeling like well, we'll just say 'garbage' plus a bunch of other bad things and possibly even some bloating. Anywho - all the bad stuff really only takes 7-10 days to clear up - so I decided to tackle another food that I haven't eaten in a while. I figured that if potatoes, water, salt, pepper and parsley seem to be ok - that I could try adding some onions to the equation and see what happens. So - potato soup for dinner. I ate about 1/2 a bowlful about an hour ago and so far it seems alright.

Of course - wheat seemed alright until 2 days after eating it - so I'm not jumping to conclusions - but I'm still hopeful. Onions aren't fructose - they just contain fructans (like wheat) which the body basically deals with in the same way as fructose. Anyway - I've got my fingers and toes crossed for now and I haven't got anywhere to go tomorrow - just have to cook for Shabbos but should be able to manage that even with a serious Fructose-induced-stomachache - heck I did it for at least over a year and somewhere closer to 13.

Speaking of Shabbos - it's going to be a fun weekend! More on that tomorrow!

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