Sunday, December 12, 2010


Friday was super slow-going. I had a hard time getting moving with Shabbos prep. Somehow by the time candle-lighting time rolled around I had slapped together some semblance of a meal.

Friday Night: chumus, (1/2 a head) roasted garlic, challah, chicken soup (with just a whole small onion & potato), (1 leg&thigh) Indian chicken with chickpeas (I can't eat it cause it's got honey and soy sauce in it), (2 Tablespoons) green peas, Jasmine rice.

Shabbos Lunch: chumus, matbucha, challah, vegetable lasagna (for Z), cheesy potato bake (for me)

By the afternoon I was super hungry (considering all I had to eat for lunch was a small slice of challah and a bit of mashed potato with cheese) - so I did something slightly stupid and noshed on some of the peanut-butter-swirled-brownies that I made. Turns out it was a big mistake - my stomach swelled up so I had to take off the pretty skirt I was wearing and it made me super-grumpy (yes - the brownie made me grumpy - as in - it's an effect that the wheat has on my system.) The stomachache didn't actually hit until about 8 hours after eating the stuff. Either way - I'll be going gluten-free until after the wedding - because I want to make sure that I fit in my dress.

While I'm thankful that I've been given a conclusive diagnosis of 'FructMal' as the reason that my body seems to hate me - it doesn't actually make life that much easier. Most days I wonder whether it's worth my while to just eat whatever the heck I want and pay the consequences. Then I eat something that I shouldn't and realize that feeling good should be enough of an incentive for me.

It just seems so unfair to watch everyone else eat a variety of yummy stuff - I don't mean cakes and cookies - I mean things that get taken for granted - like onions and tomatoes!!!

It's even worse to have to cook 2 completely separate meals - a colorful varied one for everybody else and a pathetic one for me. (Now I know my mother would say, "so don't cook 2 meals." or something like "yours doesn't have to be pathetic" - but the fact is that I really only feel at my best when I'm only eating chicken, white rice or potatoes seasoned with olive oil, salt & pepper - and that doesn't really leave much room for creative flair and options.)

Frankly - while I used to be scared that my gut was going to implode and kill me from the inside out - now my greatest fear is developing scurvy. I've really got to go to a doctor and find out what kind of vitamins I should be taking. Sadly - they probably won't believe (or know how to deal with) Fructose Malabsorption as a diagnosis.

On a happier note - I've been wandering around my house feeling like a crazy fisherman for the last couple of days. My new favorite outfit is a big baggy sweatshirt (preferably my Afikei Shana Bet one), A pair of warm baggy flannel pajamas (I've been over-wearing my old Bruriah pair this weekend), and my awesome boots (remember the pair I ordered at the 'end of season' last year? Well, I've decided that I'm never wearing them outside - I'm keeping them as 'house boots' - so that they stay clean and I can feel comfortable wearing them on my couch.) Anywho - the pants get tucked into the tops of the boots, the sleeves of the sweatshirt cover my fingers and presto - I am warm and cozy.

This weeks adventures include a playdate this afternoon, a trip to Jeru for a dress fitting and to pick up a bunny, a whole bunch of work, and somewhere between 1-3 guests for Shabbos. I'm hoping more fun stuff will turn up too.

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