Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kick Puncher!

I still get overly anxious when I have to drive somewhere. It's not normal. I've seriously got to get over it. It's driving me crazy! As a result I was up at 6:00 this morning fretting about the drive to Jeru. Why? I'm honestly not sure.

Thankfully my friend Yael graciously agreed to join me on my trip today. I picked her up at 9 and we were in Jeru by 10:15 (then we had to find parking...) We met Meanma and Phil at the seamstress and the dress fittings went smoothly. I'm actually very happy with the way my dress has turned out. It's a gorgeous color and oh yeah I looked pretty gosh-darned skinny - well, I did today anyway. (Just gotta stay this size for 4 more weeks...)

After the fitting we went to Talpiot to the arts-n-crafts store to find pretty brooches for our gowns. Both Phil and I found gorgeous pins - they'll go on the gowns for the wedding and then afterwards we can put them onto our coats. SO pretty!
The ride back to Ariel was uneventful. I chickened out of shopping at Rami Levi - it's an ENORMOUS grocery store on rt. 60 - I was feeling kind of 'eh' and was completely exhausted so I opted to drive Home as directly as possible.

We stopped at the apartment for 5 minutes to get some water and freshen up. Z had come Home early so I guilt-tripped him into joined us on an excursion to Yesh.

The shopping trip was relatively quick - they actually had fresh (enough) chicken so I stocked up. We also bumped into another neighbor and wound up giving him a lift home too. (Have car - do mitzvahs!)

Back at Home we unpacked the groceries and set up our chanukiot. Finally the time came - we made the brachot, lit the candles and sang the songs - then I ran and checked the calendar just to make sure that we weren't a day early...
In Jeru I picked up a caramel-filled sufgania and a fun expanding ball-y toy for Z. He didn't seem too thrilled by the toy - but the donut made him happy enough.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my Chanuka present from Z which is waiting for me at the post office - it's a mandoline and I am super excited about it!

Chag Urim Sameach everybody!!!

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