Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kiss the Bride...

Friday morning I hopped out of bed at 6:15am and turned on the 'dud' so that there would be hot water for showers. We left the house at 8:50(ish) and picked up Sara on our way out of town.

In The Sun House we had a fun reunion with the Danzigers and Grandpa - then they headed off to Eilat for an awesome weekend and we started Shabbos prep.

Shabbos was a lot of fun. We were very busy Shabbat-kallah-ing. Friday night was 'girls only' (Z went to the Wolicki's, Yo'Abba and Ez went to S&S, and Eli went to his 2nd home - the Feldman's. Lunch was a grand affair - the boys were all Home, Ariel & Raizi, Sara, Dina and Ora - it was quite entertaining overall. The afternoon flew by - no naps for me - and before we knew it Settlers had been played (and won by Z - of course) and it was havdalah time.

I took Yo'Abba to pick up the car from near S&S's house and then the boys all went to Jeru to see the new 'Tron' movie. (Supposedly the acting was horrible and the plot was worse - but the graphics and 'fx' were super-cool.) Meanwhile - the girls had an awesomely fun bridal shower. We took loads of pictures, ate lots of yummy food, gave Freddie presents, played fun games like 'kiss the bride' and 'toilet paper bridal gown contest' and had an all-around fun time.

We decided (kind of last minute) that it would be a good idea to head back to Ariel since being Home would give Z extra time to do homework in the morning - so after the party (once the boys had returned) Z, Sara and I packed up the car and drove back to Ariel. (We even picked up a friend of Sara's at 'Tzomet Kessem' along the way.

Things should be relatively quiet until Thursday. All I've really got to do is put together the 'wedding night (and weekend sheva brachot) survival basket' for the newlyweds.

On a funny note - it's supposed to rain and pour on Thursday...

Good thing the chuppa is going to be indoors.

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