Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mr. Sooper Dee Dooper

I woke up at a little after 8 this morning. I must've been super-tired or something. I got out of bed and just as I stood up the phone started to ring. It was Becca calling from Oz for a cinnamon-bun recipe! Then Z got out of bed and promptly ate a salami sandwich for breakfast. Thus began my awesomely fun day.
After a shmoiling hot shower I got dressed all pretty (I wore my long black-denim chor-bakir skirt which didn't even fit me in July) then I packed up the picture frames that needed envelopes and wrote a couple of letters. Finally I made my way out of the house and to town.
First stop was at the photo-printing place - I sent the 'family reflection photo' off to be printed. I played around with it in photoshop a bit and I'm hoping that the quality is alright for the print job I ordered. I'm having it enlarged a teensy-bit. Next stop was 'Kravitz' for some bubble-wrap envelopes. I sat down on a bench for a moment to assemble and address the packages and as I started writing Nana's address I heard a familiar voice saying hello. Yael was in town doing some errands too.
We went to the spice&grain store then stopped at the post-office (but I was too lazy to wait for stamps when there were 30 people on line waiting to be served.) So - we went to the drug-store to pick up a bottle of base-coat (cause I finally finished my bottle) and then we stopped at 'Mega' for a couple of groceries.
I offered Yael a ride home and when we got to her house she gave me back my platters from the Thanksgiving dinner which she had kindly collected, washed and had been babysitting for me for the last couple of weeks.
Neither of us really wanted to work and we're enjoying reinstating our weekly play-dates and it's Chanuka after all - so we decided to bake cookies! We mixed up a double batch of sugar cookie dough and while it was chilling in the fridge we baked a double batch of these incredible Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies - I would highly recommend them! Not really overly time-consuming (even though there's an extra step or 2 between scooping&baking) and oh-so-delicious (at least they seemed to be from the 1/4 cookie I braved...)
For dinner I promised Z a mushroom white pizza. I also decided that white pizza required homemade ricotta cheese and a bechamel sauce (alright - so to be honest it turned into more of a mornay sauce because I decided to dump in a bunch of Parmesan cheese - but it came out absolutely incredible.)
The ricotta making process was a bit risky - I attempted it with 3% milk and 15% cream. It took a little while to curdle - but the liter of milk + 1 cup of cream yielded a little more than 1 cup of fresh ricotta cheese. Was it easy? Yes. Was it really worth the effort and all the dirty dishes? Undecided. Was it actually cheaper in the long run than buying the fake ricotta that they sell in this country? I'm not sure - because I can't seem to get it in yechupitzville.
Anywho - the menorahs are lit and dinner is ready - so I'm off to enjoy the last night of Chanukah for the year.

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