Wednesday, December 29, 2010

See Glass

Last night I fell asleep - exhausted - at a little after 9. I woke up this morning at 8 - still tired. I'm attributing to low-blood-sugar and lack-of-calories. (And I ate a ton the last 2 days - I think I'm just vitamin & mineral deficient - even with the multi-vitamin. I've got to see an intelligent dietitian who actually knows what they're talking about - are there any of those anywhere in this country?! So far 5 out of 5 have not been.)

Breakfast today made me feel like a little old Russian lady in days gone-by - a boiled potato, with a shmear of butter and some salt. Lunch was a whole bowl of golden-jasmine rice. Dinner finally got me a protein fix - a big bowl of chicken soup with chicken and potato in it.

Today I packed up the 'wedding night survival kit' for the couple, packed a 'for the party' bag with shtick and whatnot and packed up clothes for an extended weekend (during which I'll be sleeping in a different bed every night for 3 nights running.)

The petek from the post office finally arrived (just after the post-office closed for the day) so tomorrow morning I'll be heading there at 8 (when they open) to pick up my package! I really hope the book came out nicely - I'm so excited about it (even though I know I probably shouldn't be until I've seen it.)

Dum and Mrs. G arrived in The Holy Land early early this morning - so we all 'skyped' for over an hour just for the heck of it - so we could pretend that I was there partying with them.

According to our trusty-dusty weather-predictor there is only a 20% chance of rain tomorrow - so I'm hoping there won't be any. (I know - the country needs it - but I really don't - not on my head while I'm driving and trying to get places alive and in 1 piece.)

Z's kippah for the wedding is just-about ready to be worn at the wedding. It's been in the 'flattening' stage since Saturday night when we got Home. By flattening I mean it's been under; 'The Complete Hitchhikers Guide' (that's all 5 novels), 'The Great Book of Amber' (all 10 of the chronicles) and even under the hardcover edition of Guy Gavriel Kay's latest release which is quite hefty - all at the same time.

Speaking of Z - he went on a field trip to Tel Aviv today. I forced him to feed the leftover sugar cookies from last week to his classmates - since I figured a busride was the perfect chance to pass them around. I actually got a present from this adventure - a couple of really pretty pieces of sea-glass. I love sea glass.

Tomorrow is 'today' - hard to believe - but it is!

Photos to follow - I should probably charge my camera batteries!

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