Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter is Here?

A major dust-storm blew in yesterday morning. We had been hoping for rain but the skies were thick with choking dust instead. Without any warning (aside from the radar images online...) the clouds began to shower us with big fat raindrops. On their journey from sky to land the droplets trapped airborne dust particles and deposited them back on the ground.

Here's a shot of our mirpeset this morning - Z insisted on doing a quick squeegee job because the dirt-load was too much to bear looking at. The picture was taken after the first 2 rounds of squeegee-ing had been completed.
Even though the rain continued to fall all day today the dirt was unable to make it's way down the drain thanks to the insane gusts of wind which hit the building with tremendous force and bounced back creating a sort-of force-field which held back the puddle's flow. (The fact that the building has settled over an inch in the last year also means that the drain is no longer really the lowest point of the balcony - but that's neither here nor there...)

Our herbs ~really~ don't seem to be enjoying the cold-spell. Due to lack of suitable spacing we've decided to relocate the little orange-tree to the living room - but the others will have to fend for themselves. (I don't remember them looking quite this pathetic last year... Did I mention that they were green and vibrant on Friday?)
It's been a long cold day and I've spent most of it shut in the office with a heater on as high as it will go. For some strange reason it only warmed the room up about 5 degrees (F) - I'm seriously considering buying some fleece or heavy material 'by the meter' and hanging it over the windows. I am now certain that the people who lived in drafty castles were on to something great with the whole 'hanging tapestries' thing. Seriously.

Today I ate a whole lot of oatmeal pancakes (ok - only 9 - but they're really small - each one is about 1/16th of a cup of batter) and more of that leftover potato concoction from Shabbos. For dinner I made Z a super special treat (which I can't even have any part of) - Split pea soup with fresh whole-wheat oatmeal rolls. I figured that it would be a delicious warm and filling dinner after a 12 hour day at school and 2 frigid walks in pouring rain.

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