Sunday, December 05, 2010

You Are a Wicked Man.

Aaaaaand now it's the 4th day of Chanukah! It's just flying by - let's recap for the record's sake...On Friday we cleaned up the house, Z swept and washed the floors, we packed up the car and drove off to The Sun House. Friday night was a whole lot of fun. We ate the Shabbos meal at Saba & Savta's house and found out all sorts of interesting family history. Shabbos lunch was relatively amusing and the day flew by. Of course there were any number of funny things that happened - Mommy & I kicked tuchus at 'Settlers', Dibble had many amusing things to say, Daddy didn't throw the cat down the stairs and Oscar tried to steamroll us all just to mention a few.
Motzei Shabbos we lit our chanukiyot and relaxed for a bit in the candle-warmed room the we piled into the car and went to visit Saba & Savta again! We noshed on melon (well, the non-fructozoids did anyway), potato chips and nuts.
We took a whole lot of pictures because taking pictures is so much fun. I was holding a mirror and Phil started to take pictures of her reflection. Then we had a brilliant idea - we'd get a picture of the whole family - in the mirror. It took a bunch of cooperation and coordination but we're pretty happy with the result.
This morning we had a bright and early wake-up. First Z accidentally locked me in the suite that we're staying in (but Dibble freed me), then Phil & I went to the Dr. to get a 'well-note' for her, then we toiveled all of my new kitchen goodies (the presents from the 2nd night of Chanuka.) Z and Ez caught a bus into Jeru to see 'Harry Potter' in theaters together. Yo'Abba and I took a nice mile-long walk together in the sunshine. Meanma & Freddie had a dress-fitting in Chasmo. Eli went back to the army. All in all we were quite busy. Then Phil & I spent some time in the kitchen experimenting with fructose-friendly/free chicken piccada and gluten-free sufganiot (still in the works...) And so when Z came back to The Sun House we decided to stay over another night.
We'll be heading Home tomorrow in the early afternoon.
Right in time for yet another night of Chanuka!

Isn't this a fun holiday?

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