Saturday, December 18, 2010

You Eatted It?

Thursday was long and relatively quiet. I didn't suffer too much from the onion-experiment on Wednesday night. However Thursday I had a bad over-load experience from eating about 1/2 a cup of chickpeas. I was ok with the first 1/4 cup for an early afternoon snack - but shouldn't have eaten another 1/4 cup with dinner. On Thursday I did 5 loads of laundry and did 1/2 of the Shabbos cooking. For dinner (pre-fast) we heated up pea-soup from the freezer, then we added some of the freshly made chicken stock (and wings & bones) to the pea soup. Z enjoyed it very much with some of the whole-wheat-oatmeal-rolls that were also in the freezer.

Friday was quite a busy day. I was up and in the kitchen cooking by 7:15am. I put potatoes up to boil and baked a batch of cookie brittle. It's very hard to cook without tasting anything - just in case you have ever wondered. At around 9 Z and I drove into town. We stopped at the spice&grain store for salted/roasted nuts. On the way back Home Z insisted stopping at the snack store at the lower middle-mall and he bought me a container of vanilla Ben&Jerry's ice cream as a super-special Shabbos treat. It was the sweetest present ever!

For some weird reason the day just wasn't long enough - or maybe everything was moving in slow-motion because of the fast. Either way - by the time candle lighting rolled around we were just finishing up with all of the prep.

The meal Friday night was a great success. We had the Koplen siblings and the fiance and Sarah Leah joined us too. Considering it was post-fast I had made a nice big meal and it turned out amazingly. We started off with challah, chumus, roasted garlic, matbucha and chatzilim. While everyone started on challah I passed out tortilla-bowls filled with sliced lettuce and we did a small 'salad bar' with craisins, mandarin oranges, candied pecans and sweet dressing. (Next time I'll do a savory salad in the tortilla bowls - but I had to make do with what I had on hand - since the tortilla bowls had been a last-minute flash of insanity.) After clearing the salad plates we brought out chicken soup. (I had simmered the soup for just under 4 hours on Thursday and it had chilled sufficiently to properly skim the fat on Friday - I also added an additional 1.5 cups of water because it looked quite thick - the resulting broth was absolutely incredible. Seasoned to perfection with just the bit of salt I tossed in when I made it.) I had even made matzah balls (on the side) so the soup was great with a nice selection of vegetables - carrots, onion, zucchini and potato. The main course came out next - first rice & couscous, peas, maple glazed sweet potatoes and gramma's tomato-sauce chicken. (Speaking of the chicken - it was a weird sorta bird - 2 breasts, 3 thighs and 3 legs... Turned out to be the perfect amount though. All that was left was a breast and a leg.)

Dessert was a meal in itself - thankfully I remembered to put up the urn - so there was plenty of hot water. Everybody snacked on peanut butter swirled brownies, GF peanut-butter chocolate-chip oat cookies, no-bake chocolate oat cookies (courtesy of Ora), cookie brittle (with adashim) and an awesome candy platter with salted/roasted cashews, salted/roasted almonds, candy corn, after-dinner mints and chocolate adashim.

The boys played a game of 'Settlers' and the girls shmoozed. At a little before 11 the boys walked down the mountain to the dorms where they were sleeping and a little after midnight we finally all went to sleep.

I was up bright and early in the morning so that I could wake Ora for shul (7:15 minyan at Netzarim) and then to wake Z (for the 8:30 minyan down the block.) Then I put the food on the plata and went back to bed to read.

We had lunch at 11. It was a quick and quiet affair. Chumus, matbucha & chatzilim with challah, carrot kugel, sushi (with lox, avocado & carrots), a 1/2-fillet of teryaki salmon and a big pan of cheesy potato bake.

The day was spent noshing and relaxing. We all kind of read and slept a lot then suddenly the sky was dark and Shabbos was over.

Motzash Ora & Shlomo came to pick up Ora's stuff then they headed out on a date. Z & Sarah Leah are both doing homework and I'm working on a logo and a book cover. I'm kind of stumped on them. My style is very 'fun' and this project is supposed to be very 'serious' - I know I should be able to buckle down and do what needs to be done but I've been working on this project for over 2 months and can't seem to get it to work.

This week should be mostly quiet. Z has a lot of homework to do and projects that are due so I won't be seeing him much. I'm thinking of doing some gluten-free baking experimenting because I'm really in the mood for muffins or something like them.

Did I mention that I tried the tomato-sauce chicken Friday night (I had some of the sauce on my rice too) and felt pretty ok afterwards? I had a slight reaction but it took about 8 hours to manifest (which is why I ate maalox+gasX for breakfast this morning.) Still - it's good to know that I can eat small amounts of these things! It's serious progress!

Sarah Leah is staying over tonight and tomorrow morning I get to be a make-up dummy so she can do some more homework. She's also gonna cut my hair - which is in serious need of a trim. I'm thinking that if I feel alright in the morning that it would be really awesome to make these cinnamon twists for Z & Sarah Leah for breakfast. Cause don't they look absolutely awesome?

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