Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It was chilly this morning but I got out of bed and made my way to the couch. Phil 'skype-d' me so we were video-chatting and then The Crazy Lady showed up and decided that it was food time. So I joined them via internet for an 'egg-celent' breakfast. Yo'Abba showed up too and told me all about getting a quicker internet-speed and the complications involved.

Eventually Z woke up and we went grocery shopping at Yesh to pick up stuff for tonight and Shabbos.
Back at Home - Z went to school and I baked a batch of roasted garlic breadsticks. Then I tried to bake a 1/2-batch of chocolate cake. (Remember how last time I tried to bake a chocolate cake I completely forgot to add the water? Well - this time I added too much water - as in the full amount - so I wound up baking a whole batch of chocolate cake.) I baked them in two 9"-rond-pans and they came out very nicely - but I wanted to frost them. So I experimented and made my first ever chocolate ganache. (I couldn't taste the ganache though - cause it had Rich's whip and corn syrup in it.)
Sara and Z came Home from school together. Z got the chicken wings marinating for the party while Sara raided the yarn-box. Meanwhile I cooked up a BIG batch of crash-smash-baked-potatoes.

Sara went down to study with a friend (armed with a freezer-stocked carrot soup) while Z and I got ready for our next guests to arrive.

3 of Z's school friends arrived with beer and meat. We got the fire in the grill going and sent the wings out to cook. Mini-Burgers were cooked next. I washed up lettuce and tomatoes and amazingly enough everything was ready at the same time.

It was a really nice evening all in all. I think the guys are all excited that they've reached the end of the semester. It's really exciting (aside from the insane amount of projects that they've got due in the next couple of weeks.)
After dinner I packed up the leftovers (not too many - 9 wings, the leftover chumus, 1/2 of one of the cakes, a halndful of breadsticks) and forced the guys to take them. Of course they tried the old excuse of 'no you keep it' - but Z begged them (explaining that he ~has~ to eat like this every day and doesn't have room for the leftovers.)

Then we did some English homework (yeah - that's exactly what it sounds like) and had a little concert while trying to figure out how fish-oil helps heal mosquito-bites. All in all - a very nice night.

Finally Z wrote his own assignment and when it was finished it was time for bed.

Now is that time.

Nighty night - see you tomorrow - 'Bread Bender' Day 4 - we're baking Challah - woooohoooooo!!!!

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