Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here's a quick re-cap of what Thursday was like:
7:00am wake-up
7:45am - 3:20pm bake; 2 batches cookie brittle, oatmeal rolls (18), roasted garlic breadsticks (double batch), 2 loaves 'no-knead dough' bread. 3 loads laundry. kitchen clean up.
3:30pm pick up 3 people from the michlala and drive to Jerusalem
4:30pm - 6:15 errands in Jerusalem (town/shuk) with co-party-organizer for mostly party related stuff
6:20pm - drive to The Sun House
7:10pm - arrive at party venue and help set-up/organize food
7:45pm - 10:00 party-time
10:30pm clean-up, last stop (for food pick-up for a friend in Ariel)
10:50pm stop for gas (so we'll make it back home)
11:50pm drop off everyone and all their stuff at the michlala caravans
12:00am arrive home and unload the car
1:30am sleep time
3am multiple blackouts (causing the computer's battery backup to beep multiple times)
6:45am wake-up
Now I'll expound on some of the really fun parts. Sara & I went to Jerusalem - we wandered all over town. I bought 2 new skirts from 'chor-bakir' (both short. one denim and one black corduroy. both size '3' - since my old ones were 4's and falling off.) We bought mitpachot for Raizi (and managed to find really cute 'lingerie' to give her too - cause it's traditional to give the bride that at her bridal shower - right? Well, we think so.) We also visited a couple of yarn-stores so Sara could restock her string-stash (we also bought really cute buttons for the hats that she's going to make.) Last stop was at the shuk where I bought 1 liter of vodka (cause it's time to put up a new batch of vanilla extract again) and Sara bought 2 kilo of chocolate-covered coffee-beans to help her and her friends get through the upcoming test-period. (Speaking of which - I really have to go over there and help her separate them in small portion-controlled baggies...heeheehee!)
Then we drove to The Sun House where we helped set-up Raizi's bridal-shower. It was a very nice affair. It was hosted at the Gershons' house and a dozen people were there. We did the cutest arts-n-crafts (which I really should remember for the future) everyone was given an A3 paper and then there were all sorts of stickers, ribbons, markers, sequins and photos of the couple to be used for decorating - when everybody finished, the papers were taken to be laminated and 'poof' the couple has an awesome set of personalized placemats! Like I said, it's an absolutely adorable idea!
Friday was super-busy (because I wasn't really sure how many guests I was having and because I hadn't actually done any cooking on Thursday.) I woke up at a little before 7 but refused to get out of my warm bed until at least 7:05. I put up 2 pots of rice and made the matzah balls.

At 9:15 we left the house and went to 'town' for a couple of groceries. They didn't have what we needed at Mega so we went down to Yesh too. Back at Home, Z cleaned the floors and I kept myself busy in the kitchen. Somehow all the cooking got done, the bathrooms got cleaned (well, the toilets did anyway), and I even found time to clean the stovetop and counters.

Friday night we were joined by Sara, Yael (also a Sun-Houser) and Sara's classmate 'Aviv from Eilat'. The meal was highly entertaining and we had a lot of good laughs. Shabbos lunch the girls came back up to eat with us and it was slightly more subdued but still a seriously good time. The afternoon was quiet (the girls left right after the meal for study-sessions with friends - this week is the first week of 'finals period' so everyone is in full-swing study-mode.)

The food smelled absolutely incredible and my sources tell me it tasted pretty good too.

Friday night:
Challah, chumus, chatzilim, matbucha, pickes, roasted garlic, tossed green salad with Italian dressing (served in a tortilla bowl). Chicken soup (zucchini, carrot, onion & potato) with matzah balls. Gramma's tomato sauce chicken, white rice, yellow rice (seasoned and with veggies), peas, glazed sweet potatoes.

Shabbos lunch:
Challah, chumus, chatzilim, matbucha, tossed green salad (with sweet dressing, craisins & candied pecans), sliced veggies (red peppers, yellow peppers, cucumbers & carrot-sticks), cheesy potato bake, teriyaki salmon, carrot kugel.

Dessert: chocolate chip cookie brittle (made with mini chocolate chips) & chocolate cake frosted with chocolate ganache.

The day was over way too quickly and now Z is hard at work on his 'studio project' which is due on Friday by noon. (He's also 1 night shorter on work-time because we have Raizi & Ariel's wedding on Monday night...) This is going to be one crazy long (and yet way too short) week. Finals-period stinks!

Things to look forward to this week... Sara & Ora coming for dinner Sunday night, Monday night is the wedding, Thursday is Tu' B'shvat, Friday Z's project is due and it's Shabbos again. What's with Tuesday & Wednesday - well, I'm not sure yet - but I'm sure they'll be busy and fun. Maybe I'll work on the latch-hook some more. Snoopy is just about done.

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