Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I started the morning off right with a bit of spa-pampering. I love facial-masks - especially the peeling kind. (I think it kind of freaked Z out - but oh well...)

I then proceeded to wash the remainder of the collection of dirty dishes (from Sunday - yeah, gross - I know.)

I always feel like a bum when I spend my entire day in pajamas, wearing my fuzzy pink piggy slippers and sweat-socks.

I wish I could say I wasn't a lazy couch-potato all day - but that would be lying (well - only partially - I wasn't on the couch, I've been sitting at the desktop for the last few days because Z has been using the laptop to put together his project.)

Today I looked through 153 virtual pages of bread recipes online (that's about 5,500 different options) - I found a few interesting options for experimenting with. A delicious looking Chocolate Babka, Turkish Feta & Parsley Rolls, a new kind of bread bowl and a really amazing looking loaf of Tomato Basil Bread.

I've also decided that it's been too long since I enjoyed the delightful refreshing combo of chocolate and mint - so I'm looking forward to having my sisters come over sometime in the near future. Their visit would present me with the perfect opportunity to make Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream & Mint Chocolate Cupcakes. Heaven!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is already Thursday. I've got chicken soup & challah in the freezer so I just have to choose a chicken and sidedish to make and bake a dessert (and something fructose-friendly for myself) and Shabbos prep is done. We're going out to the Lockermans' for lunch - so this weekend is a one-meal-deal and that's that. (I'm just hoping that I manage the walk down there. I'm exhausted already just thinking of it - but it's going to be fun.)

I really wanted to bake yesterday but didn't and the same thing happened today - every time I went into the kitchen I was discouraged by something or other. Maybe the whole 'make but don't try' thing is starting to get to me? I hope not. Anyway - I've been sneaking stuff that I shouldn't and seem to be paying for it - so maybe it's better that I haven't made things to tempt myself with. It's a serious matter when I keep putting stumbling blocks in front of myself. Especially when it's my health and well-being that we're talking about.

Bright side - we finally gave up on all pretense of caring about our electric bill and turned the heaters on high. We've been keeping the doors to the bathrooms, guest room and our room closed all day and only heating the rooms that we're in. It seems to be working and has been a toasty 64F in the apartment today - compared to the 56F that it is in the bedrooms.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be slightly more productive.

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