Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm an Angry Bird...

As I mentioned in the previous post - yesterday I cooked 3 batches of soup. The carrot soup and split pea soup went into individual containers for Z's eating pleasure. I got 7 containers-worth out of each batch (and Z got a really delicious lunch yesterday.) I also cooked a big batch of chicken-stock - which made enough for this Shabbos and a future Shabbos.
Not too much else has been going on. The laundry is done, the dishes are washed (more or less), the plata is set up and ready to go, the house is clean, the urn is heating up and all that's left to do is leisurely hot showers.
This morning Z & I went out to town to pick up the 'last minute' groceries. (Ok - it's not really my fault that we only decided what to make for Shabbos at 11pm last night...) We've officially decided that it is worthwhile to stock up on Ben&Jerry's vanilla ice cream in other places (cause they cost 20-23 shekels in The Sun House or Jeru and they cost 38-45 shekels here in the bleeping scenic middle-of-nowhere.)
Tonight the menu is:
Challah, Spreads (Chumus, Matbucha, Chatzilim, 1/2 a head of roasted garlic), chicken soup, rice / couscous, zaatar chicken & green peas.
Tomorrow for lunch we'll be enjoying:
Challah, Spreads (Chumus, Matbucha, Chatzilim, 1/2 a head of roasted garlic), Lasagna (for Z), Cheesy potato bake (pictured pre-bake above - after it's baked it gets a delicious golden brown crunchy crust on the top... yum!) and possibly some veggies (if Z is actually going to eat them anyway.)
For dessert for the fructozoid I tweaked the family-favorite 'blondies' recipe and made them with 100% oat-flour. That means they're gluten-free and fructose-friendly! If you want the recipe give me a holler and I'll send it to you asap. (They're more like a delicate yellow cake than blondies - but it's a baked good that doesn't taste like peanut-butter (cause as much as I love peanut-butter I was kind of getting a little sick of it.) Point is - they came out deeeelicious!
For Z (and his class - on Monday) there are sugar-cookie bars (I made the frosting light blue - cause it's just so pretty!) they're supposedly good but very plain - so I'll need to throw in some extract of 'I don't know yet' next time.
Anywho - have an awesome Shabbos everybody! I hope everyone's chicken soup and rice-making adventures go smoothly. I hope everyone is feeling healthy and happy! See ya next week!


Rik said...

Recipe please!

Sassy said...

Btw, in Rami Levy in Jeru (and in Beitar) Ben and Jerry's is normally 2 for 32 shekel which is much cheaper than even 20 shekel a carton!

And of course, everything looks delicious as always!! I can't wait to try your new bread recipe.