Monday, January 24, 2011

Kangaroo Absurdity...

Thursday night we picked up Z's printed-materials from the printer at around 11pm. Friday was insanely busy after pulling an 'all-nighter' on Thursday. I did 100% of the Shabbos prep and drove Z and his project down to school to set it up before the studio was locked at 3pm.

Friday night was nice and quiet and after a quick meal we both fell asleep ridiculously early - somewhere between 8-9pm or so. We slept late Shabbos morning (due to lack of alarm-clock setting combined with exhaustion) and scrambled to get dressed and out of the house for the long-walk across town.

We ate lunch at the Lockermans' and spent all afternoon there too. I read 'cooking for geeks' and Z won an 'extended game' of 'Settlers' - it was a close call, but a lucky victory point pushed him up to 10. After Shabbos we borrowed bus-fare and I took my first bus in Ariel since sukkot. (It costs 3 shekels to get across town nowadays.) Motzei Shabbat we watched a really great movie called 'Stranger Than Fiction' and went to sleep on the early side.

Sunday dawned sunny and relatively warm. Z had to be in school by 9am so I 'skype-d' with Debs and Phil and spoke with Shosh to help pass the time. My stomach went sort of haywire as the collective wheat-intake from last-week caught up with me. (Darn those amazingly delicious oatmeal craisin cookies, cheese stuffed buns, 'stars' and challah. Why do I love to bake/cook so much?!?!?) I'm also on a no-dairy swing (I think I OD'd on cheese/ice cream/chocolate over Shabbos.) Oh yeah - and turns out that having too much oat-flour is just as bad as eating dairy when I shouldn't. *sigh* I want a new gut.
Anywho - I kvetched my way through Sunday and then in the evening we piled into the car and headed off to Givat Shmuel to sheva brachot for Raizi&Ariel. I never realized how short the trip is from here to there - just 35 minutes. It was nice to see the newlyweds (Freddie & Raizi I mean) and the guys who hosted the party put out a very nice 'breakfast' spread - which was really cute. Pancakes, eggs, bruschetta, hash-browns... It was very cute.

We also got an awesome gift from Freddie - it seems that they received a few too many salt&pepper sets - so we got one of the spares. I'm super excited because it means that now we've got a pepper-mill! I've gotta get me some peppercorns!
This morning has been relatively busy too. So far I've washed dishes, made rice, figured out what to make for dinner and put up the 'birthday sign' for Z.
Z gave his studio presentation and seems to feel that it went well - so we're hopeful that a good-grade will be awarded. (If effort were being graded then I'd say that his 70+ hours of work on the thing definitely deserve an 'A'.)

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Rik said...

Stranger than Fiction is awesome! Will Ferrel's best.

Happy Bday Z! We should facetime soon so I can wish it to him in "person"