Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leroys House

It was chilly this morning but I got out of bed at 8:30ish. By 9:00 Phil & I were bored and antsy so we decided that after nice hot showers that we would don our winter-gear and go into town to stroll around. (First I shaped 2 (enormous) ring-loaves of no-knead bread and put them up to rise.) Turns out we really didn't need our winter-gear, but a portable parking spot would've been nice. I'm still not sure why there were so many cars in the parking lot. We finally found a spot all the way all the way all the way at the very very very end behind the kupat-cholim building.

We had a fun adventure in the 'spice & grain' store. Nuts, peppercorns, potato starch, barley, cane sugar... All the good stuff. Then we wandered all the way down to the 'pool side' of the shopping-area. On our way we passed a gumball machine and a little machine with toys in it. Phil decided that it would be a wonderful idea to buy a bouncy-ball for Z. 1 shekel went into the machine and 1 bright yellow bouncy ball came out. We drew 2 eyes and a big smiley on it and named him George. Z seems to like him very much (even though he almost lost him within the first 30 seconds of receiving him.)

Back at Home we cooked up a pot of mushroom barley soup (first we sauteed the onions in BIG chunks and then removed them before adding the mushrooms - so that the oil got a bit of onion-flavored goodness.) The soup turned out pretty good.

Z's friend Yishai stopped by on his way through the city and Sara came on over after mastering her physiology-final! Everyone arrived at the same time and that was 'lunch time' so soup and bread made the perfect meal. (With leftover truffles & cinnamon swirl cake for dessert.)

Sara & I ran out to the 'Industrial Area' to pick up a 'thank you' present for her super-awesome study-buddy and then I dropped her off at caravan-town to deliver the gift.

Back at Home, Phil had finished studying a chapter so we decided to make fructose-friendly cinnamon buns. Unfortunately halfway though mixing up the dough we realized that I didn't have any guar-gum (a super-duper-thickening-agent) so we kind of went 'off-recipe' and tried to make a cinnamon-cake instead. The result smelled delicious but let's just say I don't think we'll be making it again. Ever.

By the time we'd tasted the cake and I finished washing up just about all of the dishes it was time to take Phil to the bus. I drove her down the mountain (and a good thing I did cause it started raining as I dropped her off at the bus-stop.) Thankfully the bus came just 2 minutes later and she sent me an SMS to let me know that she was the first one to board.

Now it's 6:30pm (though it feels like 2am) and the apartment is relatively straightened up. So - I'm thinking that it might be a good time to put on pajamas and watch an episode or two of some tv show or another.

Tomorrow is another day - and I think tomorrow night we might be heading out to The Sun House for the weekend. Z really wants to go to 'Mishmar' at his old yeshiva and maybe I'll get a haircut and go to book-club (if there's a meeting anyway) since I actually read the book that they're supposed to be discussing.

First I've got to do all the laundry and clean this place up properly.

You know you love me...

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