Thursday, January 20, 2011


I woke up at around 8 this morning but was too cold to get out of bed. Instead I lazed around under my toasty warm down-comforter and watched tv on my Ipod. Gossip Girl might not be all that intelligent of a show - but it sure is a great time waster.
Shosh called at a little after 10 and I figured it was time to do something productive. So I got out of bed and make 2 kinds of dough. 1 for the feta-parsley buns (above) and 1 for the babka (below) - since the babka needed to rise twice as long as the rolls, everything worked out timing-wise and nothing over-rose.
Z spent all day working on the 'print-out' part of the presentation. I'm guessing he'll be spending all night working on finishing the last section of the model. (It's a teeny-tiny model - the pen is there for reference...) I'm waiting for him to finish exporting everything to PDF and then I'm going to take him across town to have the whole thing printed.
Sara stopped by before her final to get some of the cheese-buns. I gave her a whole batch to take down to share (or keep for herself...)
At a little after 5 Z was ready to go to the printers. I got to stop off at the spice-store (for hawayich and dried basil) and at the 'salatim store' (for chumus, matbucha & chatzilim) - so now Shabbos is basically ready. Just have to make couscous and cook the chicken tomorrow along with making some sort of fructose-friendly dessert for myself. Unfortunately the printer was having trouble with the machine, and since the files were extremely heavy the process was taking a really long time. We were told to leave the files and that they'd print them tonight (during the 'night shift') hopefully they'll be ready before I want/need to go to sleep.
I'm really regretting what I ate today. I should have stopped after 1 bite of those delectably delicious cheese-rolls this morning (instead of scarfing down 3 all by myself), I also probably shouldn't have eaten the chocolate chips that fell off of the babka along with the filling-clumps that dislodged from the pan...

Dinner was the last of the Shabbos leftovers from last week. I still have about a cup of chicken soup left and am trying to decide whether to make a small portion of mushroom barley bake with it.

The good news is that I cleaned up as I worked today - so at the very least there isn't a huge tower of dirty dishes waiting for me on the counter in the kitchen. (Although now that we ate dinner there are quite a few things that need to be washed.)

Alright - I guess I should do that and then I've got to sit down and write myself a 'to do' list for tomorrow. The cooking might be mostly done but there is a whole lot of cleaning and whatnot to take care of.

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