Monday, January 03, 2011

Too Many Daves...

Hello World! That was a completely crazy whirlwind weekend!
Thursday dawned bright and chilly (but not rainy) and I felt sick - so I shlepped Sara D out of class early and forced her to drive us to Jeru. We made it with plenty of time to spare and the party was absolutely beautiful and a whole lot of fun to boot! (Aside from the whole fainting/feeling really sick so I couldn't dance with my sister at her wedding thing - I really enjoyed!)
Friday was no less insane than Thursday had been. Considering we'd only gone to sleep at 3:30am Friday morning - we were exhausted when the time came to pack up for Shabbos and head to Jeru for a weekend with the whole family. Somehow we managed to pack up and get out of the house and to the hotel without too much ado and with a whole hour or so to spare before Shabbos. Then it was time to shower, get dressed and help avert crisis situations such as; untie-able mitpachot, forgotten skirts, lace up dresses, wrong white shirts and the like...
Shabbos began on a bit of a sad note as the Danziger family left us for the coldness of shmutz laaretz. We brought it up to a super simcha level quickly though with lots of laughs, good times and a whole lot of 'Settlers' games. Z, Dum & I only went to sleep at around 3am and Shabbos morning it took quite a bit of effort to get out of bed.
Needless to say there was nothing suitable for the Fructozoids to eat at the hotel. Mother-fructmal ate whatever she wanted and felt sick sick sick. Phil-fructmal ate things that should in theory have been safe but turned out not to be. I ate a bit of white meat chicken Friday night and some (tainted) rice Shabbos lunch - which I suffered from until Sunday night. The food was tasty - but not any good for us.
Lunch went on for about almost 4 hours - so by the time we got out of the dining room Shabbos was just about over. Havdalah came quickly and then we were checked out and on the road Home before we knew it. (I faced my night-time driving fear and drove from Jeru to The Sun House in the dark rain of a dreary Saturday night.) We were back by 8:45pm - and had a cute little melava malka with vegetable soup and potato borekas (or potato chips and fructose-friendly baked goods for the fructmals.) While eating Yo'Abba sang sad songs about chicks leaving the nest.
We woke up in Ezri's room Sunday morning bright and early. I took a nice hot shower in Phil's bathroom. Then I spoke to Freddie who was planning on getting to The Sun House after 3 - so I told her that we'd have to meet up a different day. We decided to stick around until Grandpa woke up and by 12:15 when he came upstairs Freddie had called The Crazy lady to say that she'd be in The Sun House by 1ish. So we changed our plans again and hung around. When Freddie and her Cookie arrived we all went out to 'Cafe Cafe' for a lovely late brunch which was highly entertaining and enjoyable. Yo'Abba and his new son-in-law split a 'couples meal' and we all ate too many french-fries!
After the meal Z & I headed Home. It took us exactly 1 hour to get from there to here on 444.

Z went down to class while I did 3 loads of laundry, changed the sheets and unpacked the bags from our weekend adventures.

For dinner I heated up some split-pea-soup from the freezer and a bread-bowl to eat it in. I'm pretty sure Z enjoyed it. I also made some spiced-rice for myself (I threw in salt, pepper, paprika, a tiny pinch of garlic powder and some dried parsley.) Since the wedding is officially over I even tried a spoonful of the soup - it was delicious!!!

I'm hoping that Meanma will bring The Gordons to visit us one day and maybe Yo'Abba and Grandpa will come too! That would be a whole lot of fun!

I'll be using up the stores of food that we've got in the house (though we're running pretty low and are completely out of vegetables) until Wednesday. I've got a shopping outing with Sara D planned for then. We also have to get a couple of pictures printed for the in-laws and grandparents. Aside from that there's not too much planned for this week...

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