Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I woke up feeling 'not so great' (probably on account of the fructan-laden foods I ate on Saturday) and wasn't sure whether I'd be able to properly participate in 'Bread Bender Day 4' - thankfully after a couple of extremely uncomfortable hours the pain subsided to a tolerable level and I made my way to the kitchen.
Half a batch of dough yielded 6 cute little loaves for Shabbos. While I was there I washed all of the dishes from the party last night and then I put up the chicken soup. The soup cooked at a 'lazy bubble' for about 5 hours. The aroma was absolutely divine.
Cousin Chaim called to see whether he could stop by. It's 'end of semester' so everybody is spending a lot of time in the library studying a lot. I told him to come on over and he arrived just in time for dinner. I made Chicken & Spaghetti because I actually had broccoli on hand. My taste-testers/diners informed me that aside from being a teensy drop under-salted that it was delicious. (I've decided that it's really hard to make pasta without tasting it. I got lucky this time though - it was cooked just the right amount - not crunchy and not mushy.)
My mint-sprig is finally putting out roots! I'm so excited! Soon I'll be able to plant it and hopefully this means we'll have an abundance of fresh mint in the not too distant future.

Today I also did 3 loads of laundry, re-organized the freezer, and suggested apple kugel as a 'birthday cake' stand-in (turns out it's a favorite - so that was a good guess on my part.)

Tomorrow is going to be really busy. 2 batches of cookie brittle, 3-4 batches of breadsticks, 2 loaves 'no knead' bread. Drive to Jeru, errands, drive to The Sun House, party set-up, party, party clean-up, drive Home.

I hope my stomach cooperates - there's a lot to do.

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