Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Twenty-Oneth Day...

I had no interest in getting out of my toasty warm and cozy bed when I semi woke-up at 8:00 this morning - especially considering we only went to sleep at 2:30am. I closed my eyes and thought to myself that another 20 minutes wouldn't hurt. Somehow next thing I knew the phone was ringing and it was 10am.

I popped out of bed, ran for the phone (which I missed), turned on the dud, waited a bit, took a nice hot shower and then got dressed warmly. Z & I walked down to the campus to buy a couple of supplies for his 'end-of-semester studio-project. (It was super warm in the studio and I was tempted to move in - just like the students have.) Then we walked Home and I washed all of the dishes from Shabbos which were still sitting on the counter.

Next I made a batch of oatmeal-rolls. I let the dough rise then when they were shaped and doing their second rise I mixed up a batch of oatmeal-craisin-white-chocolate-chip cookies. The rolls baked first and the cookies took only 3 trays to be done (I got 48 out of the batch.)

Dinner was called for 6:45ish and our guests arrived right on time. Sara, Ora and Tzali joined us for an uproariously fun Sunday night dinner. I served chicken soup with matzah balls (from the freezer stash) and the leftover Spaghetti & Chicken (from last Thursday - which I added salt and a bit of fresh chicken stock to) of course there were oatmeal rolls and cookies too.

Once our guests had left Z got back to work on his model and I sat down to figure out our route for tomorrow night. We're off to Raizi&Ariel's wedding and I kind of wanted my super duper road-map but it was at the Lockerman's house. So I asked Yael if I could come by and pick it up. (I figured that since I was dressed - shoes, headcovering and all - that I might as well put the cute outfit to good use.) She said it was no problem, so I hopped in the car and went down to Rova Bet. We wound up shmoozing for a while (she was a little lonely cause Shlomo gets home from work late) so I was happy to keep her company. I also made out like a bandit and borrowed a cookbook and an awesome looking fantasy-trilogy by Tanya Huff. (I'm pretty excited to have some new fun stuff to read!)

Back at Home I noticed it was only 10:25pm so I 'skype-d' Phil quickly - so I could say good-night before she went to sleep. We had quite an amusing conversation and even Z got in a couple of words.

Now it's officially after midnight and I'm thinking it's time to sleep. I haven't got anything to do tomorrow (aside from washing the dishes from dinner tonight - but I can't do that until the dishes I washed today dry so that I can put them away.) Raizi&Ariel's 'Wedding Night Survival Kit' is all packed up and ready to go - I even printed out a cute little card to go with it.

I've really got to decide what to wear tomorrow night. Phil reminded me of an adorable skirt (that I stole from Sassy ages ago) - so I should check and see whether it fits (I have a feeling it won't stay-put. I think I'm somewhere between an 8-10 now - and that's on the widest part of my hips...) It's also an issue as far as tops go - none of my button-down collection fits nicely either. They're basically all too baggy - even the size 8 (that I've never worn because it never fit before) is now too big. Well - I suppose that this should be my biggest problem.

Plug in cell phone, put camera-battery into charger, go to sleep...

And I'm off.

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