Monday, January 31, 2011

Upsy Daizy

A supremely mundane day.

Woke up late - it was cold and rainy outside.

Stayed in bed until 12 (with the laptop and season 2 of Gossip Girl.)

Sara called at 12:50 and convinced me that it's beneficial to my health to get out of the house on a (more or less) daily basis. So - I got dressed (well, put a skirt and coat over my pjs) and picked her up at the campus. We went to Mega and bought cheese. (She also bought cheese ravioli, ingredients for an amazing mushroom cream sauce and a bottle of white wine for a post-exam pity-party - which rumor has it went quite well.)

Back at Home I joined Z in the office (cause the heater was on and it was warm and toasty in there.)

Breakfast was a bowl of white rice with a snack-size-bag of potato chips. Lunch was a bowl of Ben&Jerry's Vanilla ice cream (I bought 3 containers of it before leaving The Sun House - cause they were selling it for 66% less than they sell it for in the middle-of-nowhere) with a couple of chocolate chips and 2 mint-chocolate-chip-truffles. Dinner was another bowl of rice and some chicken (cause I figure I should get a little protein in wherever I can.) Gosh it's a good thing I swallow a super-duper-multi-vitamin every day. Is it weird that it's the 21st century and I'm worried about scurvy?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get my act together early in the day because I really want to experiment with gnocci. (I even found a 'wheat free' version...) Worst case scenario I'll just make a batch of potato cheese bake to enjoy for the rest of the week for lunches.

Thursday should be a fun day - Z has a final in the morning and Little Brother might be coming to visit and staying for dinner! Shabbos this week is going to be a quiet peaceful 'just the 2 of us' weekend and I am SO looking forward to it. (Be forewarned if you're even thinking of asking to join us - the answer will be no. Not maybe, not possibly, just no. So don't get stuck in a pickle, jam or any other food item - the hotel is closed for the weekend - it's been fully booked by a private party and that's that.)

Alrighty - back to Gossip Girl and hopefully it will be bedtime soon. All this doing nothing sure does make me tired (though in my defense I did wash all the dishes and divide the big pot of chicken soup that I made yesterday into 2-person containers - so I didn't do absolutely nothing today - just almost nothing.)

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