Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whuddup Pudding Cup?

This morning we woke up more or less 'on time' - 8am for me and 9am for Z. First thing we did was head out to Mega to pick up some last-minute things for dinner. On the way Home we stopped off at the barber and Z got his hairs cut - yup, all of them.Back at Home I 'skype-d' with Phil for over an hour. She washed her hair with bottled water while I put together bread dough - tomato basil bread dough to be specific.
The next part of the cooking adventure involved boiling up potatoes for crash-baked-potatoes. Then I made a batch of mint chocolate chip truffles. (I also had a super-flop with a batch of flourless chocolate cookies - but I won't dwell on the failures since the successes of today were overwhelmingly amazing!)
Freddie, Mr. Freddie & Phil arrived right as the little white fishies came out of the oven. The potatoes were crispy and the salad was made. It was dinnertime!
After dinner Sara & Renat came up the mountain. I got to feed them a nutritious and filling carrot-soup & bread dinner. Oh yes, and everybody got to enjoy the desserts.Freddie left with a microwave and a care-package of cinnamon buns, bread (tomato-basil & honey-whole-wheat) and lettuce. Sara & Renat left to get back to studying. Phil, Z and I all made ourselves comfortable on the couch in the office and as soon as I stop blogging maybe we'll watch an episode of something-or-other and then we'll get some sleep.

Tomorrow Phil will be hanging around for the day - so we're going to do some gluten-free baking experimentations and of course she's going to study lots and lots - cause the quiet of the middle-of-nowhere makes it the ideal place to study.

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Rik said...

I have to find my dad's flour-less cake recipe. If you bake it in mini muffin tins they come out like cookies!