Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Avvinersary Z!

Friday was relatively relaxed. There wasn't much to do so everything was done nice and early. (Ahh, the seriously wonderful perks of having no children. Some others include sleeping late, sleeping through the night, only eating potato chips and not worrying about feeding growing beings balanced meals, no extra daily messes to clean up- aside from Z's anyway, minimal trips to the doctor - and the list goes on.)Since there was so much free time we cleaned out the 'food pantry' in the kitchen. Gosh we had a lot of old stuff in there. We tossed chocolates from our trip to Aus. (3 years ago), a bag of demerara sugar that sat in the pantry of the Jeru apt. for almost 2 years and still moved with us to Ariel, open bags of cereal (which haven't been touched since the beginning of October but probably since before then.) Suffice it to say - the cabinet is looking relatively bare now. No matter though - I'll buy a few more bags of potato chips and it'll look more full - for a couple of hours anyway.

Have I mentioned that I think it's hilarious that I weighed 185 lbs when I was eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains but that now on my steady diet of white rice, protein, potato chips and ice cream I'm maintaining a weight of 135. I'm not sure why I find it so uproariously hysterical - but I do.

(Oh yeah - and to all of you people out there who are convinced that I've become anorexic - I cordially invite you to spend time with me and watch how many calories I put away on an average day. Have I mentioned that potato chips and ice cream are my very best friends? The picture below is one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes as a matter of fact. Sliced thinly, then layered with salt, pepper, and cheese with 1/3-1/2 a cup of milk/cream poured over the top to make a sauce for them to cook in. Heck yeah!)
Z went waaaay out of his way to get me an amazing anniversary present. 'The Taste of Shabbos' cookbook has been out of print for quite some time now but I've always wanted a copy. He visited a whole batch of bookstores in Jeru only to find out that the very last copy available to buy was in a bookstore in Bnei Brak. So he went to Bnei Brak on a bus (so that I wouldn't know what he went to buy.)
Shabbos was nice and quiet but it got chilly again so we spent the day under quilts reading. Motzei Shabbos - to kick off the anniversary celebration - we enjoyed chicken soup (with rice) while catching up on a bunch of TV shows that we'd fallen behind on watching.
So far this morning has been pretty quiet. I made a special 'egg' breakfast for the both of us. We took a break from 'celebrating' to do some actual work. Z has a project to work on for school and I got to make a new flyer for 'the neverending project' which keeps coming back to haunt me.

Phil is coming over later this afternoon and will be sleeping over. I'm thinking that maybe I'll pick her up at the bus stop when she arrives and then we can go to the store to pick up the fructozoid-staples. Potatoes, potato chips, eggs, rice and milk.

For dinner tonight - maybe some rice noodles with some sort of mushroom-type-sauce? I'm not quite sure yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Down with the Midget King!!!

Z pulled an 'all nighter' last night. He came Home from school and asked me to help him make a poster for class. He claimed it would be 'just like making a birthday sign' - he wanted to print out letters, cut them out and then glue them onto a large posterboard. Admittedly it was quite dumb of me to assume that 'quick & simple' would actually be quick and/or simple. He spent 3.5 hours on the computer laying out concepts in Illustrator. When he finally settled on a design he printed out the text (some 10-15 words) in a ridiculously thin and narrow font. Then it was time to cut the letters out. My fingers were ice-cold and the letters were so thin that there was nothing to hold onto. After a whole bunch of words I gave up and walked away. (Mind you, this project was being done 'last minute' due to extreme procrastination. I mean, I procrastinate too but only if I'm the only one losing out on account of it.) Anywho - at 5:30 this morning he finally got into bed to take a quick 3 hours nap before heading out to a 10 hour day of classes.
I woke up at 5:45 this morning - funny how I don't sleep well when I'm reacting to 'fructose-laden' foods. In a way it was good though. You see - I stopped noshing at 7:30 last night, which meant that I was eligible to have that blood-test done this morning. Since they only do bloodwork from 7:30-9am I figured I would get there at 8 and all would be well. I threw on a sweater and a skirt, grabbed my keys and was out the door by 7:50. By 8:05 the blood had been drawn and I walked up to the little fruit&vegetable store to pick up some things. (The guy has really nice produce there - for the record.)

My next stop was the post office. My new cell-phone came today. (I figured that it was time to graduate from my 'semi-spazzy' phone that Daddy bought for me back in July 2007 or thereabouts.) I also popped into Mega to pick up some cheese and stopped at the salatim store to get the chumus, matbucha and chatzilim that I know Z likes for Shabbos.

I drove up the mountain just in time to see Z heading off to class. I stopped, did a U-turn and drove him down the mountain - just to show that I love him - even though he's a ridiculous procrastinator who couldn't manage time if his grades depended on it - oh wait a second...
Back at Home I put away the groceries then made myself an awesome breakfast (to make up for yesterday's fiasco.) I figured that it's hard to go wrong with eggs, so I made myself an omelette and filled it to bursting with cheddar cheese.
It definitely was a good way to start off the day. Plus, all the protein gave me the energy to get a lot of work done. 5 loads of laundry, change the sheets, sweep the floor (including under the beds and the mirpeset), freezer-shopping for 3/4 of the food for Shabbos, defrosting fish for dinner, straightening up the laundry room and finally unpacking from last Shabbos. I also shmoozed with The Crazy Lady and Shosh for a bit. All in all quite the productive afternoon.
Now Z is finally home from school. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his delicately flavored broiled tilapia with a side of fries for dinner. (I know I enjoyed the fries.) He helped out by putting the clean sheets on the beds and rearranging all of my fuzzy-buddies neatly.

He has wrapped my anniversary gift and is leaving it on the dining room table just to torture me. I know he bought it for me about a month ago and I'm itching to know what it is. Now it turns out he also bought me a special card (back when he was in America!) So now I've got fun things to look forward to at the beginning of next week.

Ok - so really I can open one on Saturday night and I'll save the other for Monday. What good is having '2' anniversaries if you only get to open a gift on one?

Yeah - that's what I thought.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Beans.

I have come to the conclusion that oat-flour pancakes (though tasty - enough) just aren't quite as good as good old fashioned 'normal' pancakes. Oat flour is gritty and piece-y so the batter isn't silky-smooth. Plus the finished product is a dense and chewy mass instead of being a delightful and fluffy morsel which melts on the tongue. This morning I tried to improve upon the recipe. First I made 1/3rd of the batter 'regular' (so that worst case scenario I'd still have something to eat for breakfast.) The next 1/3rd I added a huge dollop of peanut butter to - the peanut butter imparted a nice flavor and made the finished product slightly airier (though I'm not sure how.) The last 1/3rd got some chocolate flakes/chips/chunks stirred in along with the peanut butter.Overall a highly unsatisfying breakfast. Especially because I 'tested' about 1 tsp. of maple syrup with the plain pancakes and 15 minutes later I found myself on the couch having stomach conniptions and slight trouble breathing - that's the first stage of my fructose reaction. Fun, huh? (Though the best is yet to come - the 'worst' of it hits 2 hours after ingestion.) *sigh* I guess pancake breakfasts are officially off of my 'like' list.
It's Wednesday and I know I was supposed to clean and organize and be productive today but I just can't seem to find the patience or energy. I didn't sleep well last night (again) and I'm not sure what's going on. I've been taking my vitamins and haven't cheated on any delicious food (even though dinner last night smelled amazing and Z has been eating chicken-pot-pies from the freezer that make me salivate when I smell them.) I'm just so frustrated!
To console myself after the breakfast fiasco I shpritzed on some DKNY 'PURE' perfume (which Z picked up for me when he was in shmutz laaretz) - It's a little strong at first but I love it - especially once it settles down. It's got a delightful vanilla fragrance and it is very calming.

I've got all of the windows and doors open again today. The air outside is crisp and clean which is just what the apartment needs. I wish it were a few degrees warmer (so my fingers, toes and nose weren't quite so cold) but I'm not wishing for any crazy heatwave like we had last year.
I'm thinking of making little white fishie with crash baked potatoes for dinner tonight - but I'm not sure yet. Decisions, decisions.

It's still early - I think maybe I'll get off my lazy kvetchy bottom and do something useful after all. Even if it's just something silly like separating the laundry to wash tomorrow, or putting away the clean dishes. (Did I mention that Z washed up all the dishes last night after his friends left? He's the bestest!)

Oh - I know! Maybe I'll take the latch-hook rug out to the mirpeset and work on it in the sunshine for a while. That's a great idea!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cranberry Flavanoids

I surfaced from the depths of a frightening dream. The sky was bright and I was fine. I checked my watch, it read 6:30am. The fluffy clouds floating past my window were incongruous with the time appearing on my watch but who am I to second-guess a time-piece which consistently runs 10 minutes slow. I felt exhausted and couldn't find my glasses. I closed my eyes and figured I might as well sleep a little bit longer. Tired but unable to sleep I dug through mounds of stuffed-animals and emerged victorious, with glasses in hand. A quick glance at the clock on the shelf showed that it was actually 9:00am. I jumped out of bed mentally berating myself for sleeping so late and wasting the morning when I had decided to spend them organizing and straightening up. Annoyed with myself I watched 5 episodes of television before doing anything remotely productive.

Finally I got myself up off the couch. First I cleared off the kitchen counter - I put away the ingredients that I had used to bake yesterday and the random utensils that I had left lying around. Then I cleaned up the guest bathroom - toilet, floor, lint-trap in the dryer. I picked up the tissues and papers that had found their way to the floor of the office and straightened up the coffee table. Last stop was my bedroom - I cleared the enormous pile of clothing accumulation off of my bed and put all of the dirty laundry into one big pile. Then I proceeded to open all of the windows in the apartment. It's a beautiful day and the place needs some serious 'airing out' after being closed against the crazy rain and hail.

Z has off on Tuesdays but he spent all day bumming around in bed reading a book on his Ipod. I'm almost sorry that I 'let' him get it.

I washed all the dishes and took soup out of the freezer for dinner. (I love having a freezer stash. I pulled out 4 containers of soup and a bag of potato-rolls and I had instant-dinner for 3 - since Z is having 2 friends over to work on a project for school.)

I also swept the floor because it was pretty dusty and gross. Now I feel a little better.

I think tomorrow I'll experiment with sweet potato. I was going to jump in with broccoli but I've been getting over a 3rd trial with guar gum (turns out I can't handle it - and it makes me feel gross for 3-4 days while it works its way out of my system.) so I think I'll try the sweet potato first because it's rumored to be more 'tolerable' than broccoli.

Wish me luck - cause copious amounts of potato chips are getting extremely boring.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Noogies for Cookie!

Today was a long sort of day. It started off with baking 2 batches of cookies. One batch of chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies and half a batch of classic chocolate chip. (I neglected to take pictures because it was cold and I was trying to get everything finished.)
Once the cookies were baked I packed up the 'wedding night survival kit' and after a nice hot shower I was ready to go to Jeru wearing my super-retro dress (which I haven't worn since 2007.)
We made it to Jeru in under an hour and parked in the lot right behind the hall. We made it early (which was great - because it meant that I got to make sure that the survival-kit was packed up with their stuff.)
The Freddies' were being awfully funny and cute (cause that's just how they do things.) I didn't manage to get any nice normal smiling pictures - but the one I snagged was highly entertaining in my humble opinion.
The bored husbands club convened in a corner and they played games on their various tech-gadgets. Ipods, Blackberrys and whatnot... The photo is blurry because I had to sneak up on them and take the picture without flash. It's a private-club after all.
The wedding was very high-energy and fun - but we left on the relatively early side. Route 60 is pretty scary to drive on at night - but lucky for us the street-lights were actually on after 10pm so it wasn't pitch-black the entire ride. We made it home in 50 minutes and I'm thinking that it is time to go to sleep.

Tomorrow I've got to straighten up the apartment - seriously though. And Z is having a friend over to work on a project - 'at around dinnertime' - so I have been advised that I should actually make something edible for that meal. I'll figure it out in the morning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pixies & Flutterbots

Shabbos was fun and delightful. We played waaaay too many games of 'Settlers' and ate waaaay too many potato chips.Friday night the meal was really nice. We drank a ridiculously expensive (and incredibly good) bottle of wine. The perfect roast was indeed perfect and the rest of the food was more delicious than can be adequately described. Little Brother came over after dessert and he won his game of 'Settlers' while we ate mousse and made a lot of noise.
Z & Mr. Freddie went to the early minyan for shacharit but then opted to do a little bit of studying and napping before lunch. The Parents and Drummer Boy went to neighbors for lunch so it was just Dibble, Phil, The Freddies, Z & me at lunch. Once again the crazy lady had outdone herself. The cholent was FF and amazing (even Oscar was happy - there were nice big bones in it which we shared with him.) There was also a whole lot of sauteed chicken breast and even white rice.
We played 'Settlers' all afternoon while eating all of the birthday cake, chocolate mousse, blondies and brownies (all fructose friendly!) It was amazing!
After Havdalah we piled into the van and rode over to S&S's house to wish S a (slightly belated but very very happy) happy birthday! There was pizza, potato chips and all sorts of other yummy things. We were joined by the Admons and it was great fun to see our cousins and sub-cousins.
All in all quite the enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow we'll be heading Home (though I really have no interest in driving.) First I'm going to pick up a night-guard from the dentist (hopefully it will stop the tooth-grinding I've been doing - which has been giving me terrible headaches) and then I've got to toivel my new serving spoons.

We've got Ora's wedding on Monday night so I can't try any new food until Tuesday - but I'm hoping to give broccoli a try this week. I'm itching for something new to eat and if broccoli turns out 'ok' then I'll be thrilled! Mmmmm, perfectly steamed broccoli with sauteed chicken and some mashed potatoes! Wish me luck!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Crazy Birthday Lady!!!

Enormous Mazal Tov to the D-ziger cousins in Merryca on the birth of a baby boy yesterday afternoon! Another first cousin once removed to add to the fambily-tree! Now we've got 5 of them! Isn't fambily great?Last night Phil and I worked very hard on a special piece of art in honor of Meanma's birthday. It took skill and ingenuity to put it all together. Only 11 pieces of white paper, 3 pieces of black paper and a couple of crayons were harmed in the making of this masterpiece. (I think it's the coolest birthday sign we've ever made - although it would've been even more awesome with googly-eyes.)
We tricked The Crazy Lady and got her out of the house. I took her to BIG and we shopped for birthday books, margarine, rice noodles (in penne and spiral shapes) and we got the Dibble 9 newly recycled school shirts. (Well, the shirts used to be Drummer boy's but he has outgrown them - so we got Dibble's school logo put onto them - and tada - instant wardrobe!)
After picking up pretty flowers for all the ladies we went back to the house. When we arrived the place was all decorated and party-like in honor of the crazy birthday lady!
Phil even made an awesome looking fructose-friendly cake! I've got to get the recipe from her - it's a new one but it's definitely a keeper! She made it in a bundt pan and we drizzled it with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. We're quite excited to eat it!
Have a wonderful weekend everybuddie!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zugos & Zuzims...

"Please don't vomit on me."

Yeah, today was quite an interesting day.

Z actually set an alarm this morning - so that he would make the 6:45am bus to his school field trip. Of course his alarm woke me up. So my 7am I was wide awake.

I got out of bed and got dressed. I then proceeded to wash all of the dishes from last night (there were A LOT of them.) I also straightened up the living room and the office. I washed a load of laundry. I also collected the garbage from the bathrooms and kitchen and then took it all out to the curb.

At around 12:45 Sarah Leah and I packed up the car and took off into the wild blue yonder. 5 --> 444 --> 1 --> 38 and finally 1 hour and 10 minutes later we arrived in The Sun House.

After parking the car and saying 'hi' to Meanma and Yo'Abba I walked Sarah Leah out to the bus-stop. The bus came after a short 5 minute wait and as I walked back toward the stairs I ran into a friend that I haven't see in a long long while. Seeing as he had just missed the bus to Jeru we had 15 minutes to shmooze before the next one came. The quarter-hour flew by and he got on the bus with a promise of finishing the convo on Shabbos. (I'm holding you to that - even though I didn't wait at the bus-stop like I said I would...)

Back at the house we had a delicious lunch of last night's leftovers. Then The Crazy Lady and I went out to do some shopping at the cute little store on Tzora - we bought a couple of new shirts for Frank (aka Drummer Boy - but we're between names for him at the moment.) We also bought THE cutest little tea-bag plate for Phil - it's got the funniest little ram on it. I really have to take a picture of it - maybe tomorrow.

After a quick pit-stop at the house we picked Frank up from school and then went to 'Golans Store' to buy fun kitchen-gadgets. I got a present for Mr & Mrs Freddie. I also got myself some cheesecloth. The most exciting part was the 'cloth bags' that we got with our purchases. (It pays to be friends with the guy who runs the store. Talk about protexia.)

Z made it to The Sun House a few minutes before Phil got home. Then it was dinnertime. Meanma had a brisket in the crockpot slow-cooking all day and it smelled heavenly. We enjoyed it with pasta (rice spaghetti's for the fructozoids.)

After dinner Phil made some barley-flour blondies and we ate them warm and gooey from the freezer while we watched last night's episode of Modern Family.

I'm thinking it's time to set up our room and go to sleep. I am absolutely exhausted. Good thing it's almost Shabbos!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Earl of Tea Tree

Z had to wake up for class this morning which meant that I got to wake up for class this morning too. He took leftover sushi for lunch and I even heated up a chocolate-chip-muffin for him to take for breakfast. (In exchange for breakfast he took out the garbage.)

I woke Sarah Leah up at 10:30 and after a muffin breakfast we left the house. First stop was at Yael's house. I had to return a couple of books that I had borrowed from her. Yael joined us on our next two stops which were the spice store in town and Yesh for a couple of groceries.

Back at Home the afternoon was relatively quiet. We watched a pointless tv show and then I started puttering around in the kitchen. First I put together dough for a full-batch of potato rolls. While the dough was rising I baked a half-recipe of this amazing chocolate chip marble bundt cake (which I forgot to add the chocolate chips to but everyone said was delicious anyway.) I also put up an enormous pot of tomato-based vegetable soup (with chickpeas - cause everybody love chickpeas!)

At a little after 5 the gang started trickling in. Sara and Renat arrived (drenched from the unexpected rain.) Z got Home a few minutes later. Then we partied. Waxing, Eating, Laughing, Shmoozing - all around having fun.

I drove everybody who needed to go home back to their respective places (because it was late, cold, foggy and raining outside.) Back at Home I put away 4.5 containers of soup in the freezer along with a dozen rolls. (Don't think the rolls weren't good and that's why there were a dozen left - the recipe actually made 30... So a goodly number were eaten. Just in case you were wondering.)

Tomorrow is another day so I'll let you know what happens whenever the future has become the past.

Sleep tight y'all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overly Demanding...

I woke up at 8 this morning. Quite a good average hour for me nowadays. Z doesn't have school on Tuesdays (this semester) so I decided to make him a nice breakfast. I made a batch of chocolate chip muffins (which actually produced 16 nicely domed muffins.) For myself I went the 'extra mile' and made a 'FF microwave bread' and then I turned it into grilled cheese because we had some cheddar in the fridge.

The afternoon was kind of wasted because Sarah Leah is here on vacation and we were just relaxing today. 7 rolls of sushi were made for a late-late lunch (and I got to eat Persian rice.)

Sara and Renat came over for dinner. I decided to make 'finger-foods' of sorts. I had this recipe for curried chicken puffs - which has been bookmarked for ages but I never got around to making - anyway, I figured that this was my chance. So I mixed up the ground chicken with the spices and seasonings and then decided that the easiest way to get the stuff onto the puff-pastry-dough was by 'piping' it. Things went well until about 1/4 of the way across the first row - when the plastic bag burst. Ever-resourceful I pulled a disposable icing-bag out and filled it with the ground-chicken mixture. Let me tell you - it worked like a charm.
In addition to the chicken borekas (as everybody named them), I served oven-fried shnitzelonim, basmati rice and a big bowl of tossed green salad. I popped an 8x8 pan of blondies into the oven as everyone sat down to eat and took them out right around when everybody was finishing up. I cut them up and served them warm and gooey. They were very well received by the crowd.
Renat brought her external hard-drive over, so I copied all 10 seasons of 'Friends' to my computer. Now I'm all stocked up for a while.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Sarah Leah on a tour of our little town. I think we'll do some grocery shopping too. I was going to make little white fishies and crash-potatoes tomorrow but I think we're going to be having another 'party' - so I'm rethinking my strategy a little bit. Tomato-based vegetable soup and bread of some sort seem like a much better option. The question is what kind of bread to make. Maybe oatmeal rolls? Z really loves those - especially when they're fresh. Plus, they're super easy. Though, I boiled up a bunch of potatoes tonight so maybe I should finally get around to that 'potato roll' recipe...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cramp On...

Shabbos was nice and relaxing. Due to forgetfulness and the like I neglected to get a new timer for the 2nd heater. That meant that we could only have 1 plugged in. Since we were having a guest we opted to set the heater up in the living room. So Shabbos afternoon I napped on the rug near the heater and felt like a bum - probably because I was wearing an oversized sweatshirt, was wrapped up in 2 blankets and was sleeping on the floor.

Saturday night Z pulled an all-nighter working on his project (which was supposed to be presented on Sunday morning.) In relatively unrelated and yet somehow pertinent news - army boots squeak on clean tile floors - loudly. Suffice it to say that after going to sleep at 2:30 in the morning I was woken up by squeaky boots at a little after 5am. Being me - I couldn't fall back asleep. The bright side was that I got to drive down to the bus stop and save our guest a walk down the hill in the pouring rain. Am I nice or what?

Sunday was boring as all heck. I watched 15 episodes of tv shows and a movie (or was it 2?) Meanwhile Z continued to work on his project and decided to play 'hooky' and hand in the project on Monday. At 4pm (with the project not quite finished) he fell asleep and didn't resurface until 11:55pm - at which time he ate a snack and went back to sleep. (Yet another proof that pulling all-nighters is not actually productive.)

Monday morning dawned bright and early - since Z started class again today. 'Yay' for second semester. I expected to spend the day home alone, slightly bored and obsessively checking facebook for updates. Unfortunately the internet was down. Not just 'slow' but all the way down. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Netvision trying to reset the router and check the modem only to be informed that the problem was on Bezeq's end. 10 minutes on hold with Bezeq culminated in a useless 2 minute conversation with a tech-support guy who informed me that Bezeq was 'upgrading their systems' today and that there wouldn't be any internet until at least 4pm.

At little before 2 I got a 'distress call' from Sarah Leah. She was en-route to Ariel from Jeru when the bus broke down in Shilo. Another bus had been dispatched from Jeru but was not going to arrive for a minimum of an hour and a half to save the stranded passengers. I decided to be nice so I threw a skirt and mitpachat on and ran out to pick her up.

At 4:20 the internet service situation still hadn't been resolved. I was annoyed. So I called Bezeq and finally got the problem sorted out.

I had waited all day for the internet to comeback and it was finally restored to working order. I logged on to facebook and gmail. I checked Tastespotting then I realized that I was bored bored bored.

I spoke to Freddie, Shosh and Sara on the phone.

I heated up onion soup and rolls as a late lunch for Sarah Leah.

I folded 3 loads of laundry and washed all the dishes.

I guess it's good that I got out of the house today.

Sarah Leah is going to be staying until Thursday - it's finally her 'vacation' from school. Tomorrow Z has no class (yay for free Tuesdays this semester!) so sushi party for lunch and then Sara and Renat are supposed to join us for dinner - though I have no clue what to make yet. And now I have to make the tough decision of whether to go to The Sun House for Shabbos this week - yet again - cause Mr&Mrs. Freddie are going to be there for the weekend.

Too much for my brain to handle. I think I'll go start prepping for dinner (penne with mushroom cream sauce) because Z will be home eventually and he'll probably be hungry after his first day of a new semester...

Friday, February 11, 2011


The good news is - I got everything done for Shabbos and the best part is that it was all done over 2 hours before candle-lighting!
This morning our landlord stopped by to visit. He's a really nice guy and I think he really enjoys having us as tenants. He always seems amused and amazed when he stops by because we offer him a drink and inevitably I'm always pulling something out of the oven which we offer him too. I guess it doesn't hurt that the place looks well-kept and clean. (I actually got the stovetop and counter washed before he arrived so everything was clean and sparkling. Not too bad for 12:30pm on a 'short-ish' Friday.)
What's on the menu? Good question - I should probably jot it down to make sure I've covered all bases...

Friday Night: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, chatzilim, chicken soup with matzah balls (on the side), Jersey Chicken (tomato & red wine sauce), couscous, rice (for me), peas, roasted root veggies (onions, potatoes & sweet potatoes)

Shabbos Lunch: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, chatzilim, chicken pot pie, carrot muffins, tossed green salad, FF potato-knish-kugel (made with barley flour), saute'ed chicken breast (for the fructozoid)

Dessert: Polly chocolate chip cookies for the normal people and Granola Bars (after a fashion) for the Fructose-Crazies!
Speaking of the FF granola bars - I should really post a recipe - and a picture...
Maybe next week.
Have a great weekend everybody!
PS: There are 6 mini-pot-pies in the freezer - one is reserved already, but the other 5 are up for grabs to whoever wants to come and visit. First come first serve and offer only applies until the stock runs out. (Though, there are 5 kinds of soup and 3 kinds of bread in there too...)

Pesach is coming!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belligerent bagels bite back...

Well the blood-test didn't get done today because I'm pretty convinced that I either am or am getting sick. So I decided to save being stabbed with a needle and drained of blood for a different week - when I'm feeling better.

I did still drag Z out to town. We picked up the few groceries that we needed for Shabbos (including chumus and salatim so that we don't have to go out again tomorrow.)
Back at Home I put chicken soup up to cook. I also baked carrot kugel, 1/2-batch of chocolate chip cookies, Fructose-friendly granola bars (after a fashion.) Z even helped out by putting potatoes up to boil for the mashed potato component of chicken pot pie.
At a few minutes after 6 we left Home and picked up Sara. Then we all drove to Petah Tiqwa to Freddie & Mr. Freddie's house. We were a nice even group of 10 altogether and we were having a 'make-your-own-sushi party'!!! Freddie made that deliciously awesome 'Big Bowl Asian' soup from one of the Kosher By Design books. (I'm not sure which one because I only own the 'original' one.) Then for the meal everyone rolled their own sushi and there were tempura-vegetables on the side. (We used: zucchini, baby corn, broccoli & sweet potato.)
After eating we watched a short clip of their wedding-video and then we played with their extensive fridge-magnet collection.
The ride Home was really quite quick. It's almost hard to believe that it only took half an hour to get from here to there (or is it there to here?)

As I mentioned yesterday - we're having 1 guest for Shabbos. There's still a whole bunch of stuff to do tomorrow (though I did manage to do all the laundry today so that Abe can use the machine tomorrow.) So - I'm thinking I should get some sleep...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blame the Counting Mutant...

No update yesterday mostly because the day part of it was a complete bore and then the night part of it got exciting but then the excitement completely wore me out and I neglected to post. Sara & Renat came over for a delicious dinner of onion soup and bread. (The bread was from the freezer - though I warmed it up in the oven...) Nothing else too interesting happened aside from further experimentation with tomato. I found a brand of tomato paste that is 100% tomato (or so the label claims) so I tried making a 'mexican rice' of sorts. (Basically I stirred tomato paste and seasonings into the rice and then cooked it the same way as usual.) The rice was very good (but it did take a long time to cook - the water just wouldn't absorb.) As for the reaction - well, I've been out of sorts today and downing Maalox every couple of hours - but I don't feel overly awful, which I guess is good - right?

Nothing happened today either - I spent the day on the couch with a hot-water bottle on my stomach and in the company of Gossip Girl. (Don't worry, I'm almost up-to-date on it and I'll be starting 'The Mentalist' instead. At least I haven't sunk to the level of One Tree Hill or Smallville - though, I suppose given time... Yeah, I'm not even going to go there.)

For dinner tonight I made french-fries and 'pizza fish' for Z. I even skinned the fillet for him. As a reward he's washing the dishes (that have been piling up since Sunday...) Isn't he great?

I wrote up my Shabbos menu, 'to-do list' and shopping list today. I'm really really tempted to make this dark chocolate toffee with walnuts - it looks delectable. We'll be hosting Z's brother, Abe. He hasn't been here in a while - so it'll be nice to see him and spend some time with him.

I'm hoping to make it to 'Meuhedet' tomorrow morning to get the bloodwork done. Then I plan on doing my grocery shopping and hopefully getting most of the cooking and cleaning done before heading out to Petah Tiqwa for an awesome night of 'Japanese Style Dinner' with friends and even some family.

Stay tuned because there may just be some photographic evidence of good times...

Monday, February 07, 2011

"Do You Need Input & Love...?"

Today I 'hooked' 360 tiny-little-strings onto the 'Snoopy' rug that I've been working on for the last 2.5 years. I'm now almost officially done with more than half of his face. Mind you - 360 might not seem impressive but considering I've already done 5,400, I figure a little work is a victory. Maybe I'll even finish it. Heck, just another 2,715 left...
I had the most ridiculously indulgent breakfast in the history of unhealthful eating this morning. A bowl of rice, a bag of potato chips and a cup of ice cream with 3 of those sinfully delicious mint-chip truffles (which I've been savoring.) Lunch wasn't really any better - potato cheese stuff and more rice. At least dinner touched on the 'lighter' side - a bowl of chicken soup is always a great way to end the day. Although - I did indulge in more chips - some potato and some chocolate...
This morning the weather was quite - odd. One minute it was sunny and bright and then gray clouds moved in and out of nowhere thunder and lightning were booming and flashing. Suddenly hail started falling - and the stones were quite large. The size of 2 mini-jawbreakers big. A glance out the window was enough to make me thankful that I hadn't gone out to the store. (It seems that in The Sun House, Yo'Abba got stuck out in the storm on a trip to the post office. Ouchie is all I've got to say to that!)

Of course I grabbed my camera and a bunch of stuffed friends because it is every person's prerogative to make fun where there is no fun.
The fuzzy-buddies seemed to have a very good time throwing ice-balls at each other and at Z (though I didn't get the feeling that Z felt the same...)

Z is working hard to finish up the remaining assignments due for the semester. So I had a quiet day with Toffee & Co. on the couch.
I'm on 'temporary kitchen strike' because the freezer is completely stocked (as are the cupboards) and I think it's time for the stuff to get eaten. Yeah, I suddenly realized that Purim is 6 short weeks away - which means that Pesach is right around the corner! Don't all yell at me - you know it's true - and don't worry I haven't forgotten Purim - as a matter of fact I'm already scheming and plotting with regard to the goodies I'll be making for the shalach manot this year.

So far the only bright idea that I've had was dressing Z up as a convict and distributing bread and soup. Does anybody out there have an orange jumpsuit?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

What's with the Poking?

The good news about being a diagnosed fructozoid (with more or less enough self-control to stick to 'the diet') is that I sleep better, I feel better, I'm happier, I'm less moody - heck, Pinocchio said it best (well, almost) - I'm a real girl!
I woke up in a cheery mood this morning and took a delightfully warm shower. By 11 - Z and I got on the road to The Sun House. There was no traffic and we made very good time. We stopped by the Fambily house with plenty of time to spare.
First errand was a trip to the dentist. I had to get a cavity filled and he replaced of couple of 'sealants' - the whole ordeal only took about 30 minutes. Then we went back to the Fambily house - to collect some of the Fambily.
Mean'ma, Phil, Z, Fringe, Ryan & I all went to SuperSol. A good time was had by all. We ran up and down the aisles and provided general entertainment for the staff. Then we tried to ditch the girl in the shopping cart - but she managed to sneak into the car - somehow...
Next stop was at the Dr's office. I just wanted to double check with a healthcare practitioner that the multi-vitamin that I've been taking actually has everything that I need in it. (Considering I get exactly 'zero percent' of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and/or minerals on my super-awesome anti-hippy diet.) Anyway, he said that the horse-pill is perfect and that I should definitely keep taking it. Just to be safe we're going to do some bloodwork to check and make sure that all vitamin levels (which were dangerously low pre-diagnosis) have stabilized and improved.
After visiting the Dr. we visited with S&S. Z helped Saba with some computer-y type issues and I got to spend some time with Savta! We love them - a lot a lot! We should visit more often. I'm telling you - it's time to get that teleportation device working!!!

Next we made our way back to the Fambily house for an awesome potato wedgie & zaatar chicken (& a half) dinner - which was amazingly delicious! After an awesome 'dine' - we 'dashed' over to Aviv to pick up Sara.

As Sara got into the car another friend called in a tizzy. On her way home her front headlights had gone out. Kaput. So she pulled over on the shoulder but didn't know what to do. We drove out and met her - ascertained that it would be best to drive with her 'brights' on for the 2 km to BIG and then to drive home through The Sun House (rather than on the unlit road that it Rt. 38). Once she was calm and 'good to go' we said our goodbyes and drove behind her until BIG. Then we stopped at the gas station and filled up our tank. (Better safe than sorry - and since it was a Paz station we even got a discount with our cool yellow-card.)

The drive back to Ariel was uneventful. We listened to Jerry Seinfeld which provided plenty of entertainment. After 'drop off' at the university Z & I drove Home. Thankfully our parking-spot was empty.

Inside we plugged in the heater and watched the thermometer go from 58F up to 68F. I'd say now it's officially nice and cozy in here.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm rather looking forward to it!