Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belligerent bagels bite back...

Well the blood-test didn't get done today because I'm pretty convinced that I either am or am getting sick. So I decided to save being stabbed with a needle and drained of blood for a different week - when I'm feeling better.

I did still drag Z out to town. We picked up the few groceries that we needed for Shabbos (including chumus and salatim so that we don't have to go out again tomorrow.)
Back at Home I put chicken soup up to cook. I also baked carrot kugel, 1/2-batch of chocolate chip cookies, Fructose-friendly granola bars (after a fashion.) Z even helped out by putting potatoes up to boil for the mashed potato component of chicken pot pie.
At a few minutes after 6 we left Home and picked up Sara. Then we all drove to Petah Tiqwa to Freddie & Mr. Freddie's house. We were a nice even group of 10 altogether and we were having a 'make-your-own-sushi party'!!! Freddie made that deliciously awesome 'Big Bowl Asian' soup from one of the Kosher By Design books. (I'm not sure which one because I only own the 'original' one.) Then for the meal everyone rolled their own sushi and there were tempura-vegetables on the side. (We used: zucchini, baby corn, broccoli & sweet potato.)
After eating we watched a short clip of their wedding-video and then we played with their extensive fridge-magnet collection.
The ride Home was really quite quick. It's almost hard to believe that it only took half an hour to get from here to there (or is it there to here?)

As I mentioned yesterday - we're having 1 guest for Shabbos. There's still a whole bunch of stuff to do tomorrow (though I did manage to do all the laundry today so that Abe can use the machine tomorrow.) So - I'm thinking I should get some sleep...

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