Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blame the Counting Mutant...

No update yesterday mostly because the day part of it was a complete bore and then the night part of it got exciting but then the excitement completely wore me out and I neglected to post. Sara & Renat came over for a delicious dinner of onion soup and bread. (The bread was from the freezer - though I warmed it up in the oven...) Nothing else too interesting happened aside from further experimentation with tomato. I found a brand of tomato paste that is 100% tomato (or so the label claims) so I tried making a 'mexican rice' of sorts. (Basically I stirred tomato paste and seasonings into the rice and then cooked it the same way as usual.) The rice was very good (but it did take a long time to cook - the water just wouldn't absorb.) As for the reaction - well, I've been out of sorts today and downing Maalox every couple of hours - but I don't feel overly awful, which I guess is good - right?

Nothing happened today either - I spent the day on the couch with a hot-water bottle on my stomach and in the company of Gossip Girl. (Don't worry, I'm almost up-to-date on it and I'll be starting 'The Mentalist' instead. At least I haven't sunk to the level of One Tree Hill or Smallville - though, I suppose given time... Yeah, I'm not even going to go there.)

For dinner tonight I made french-fries and 'pizza fish' for Z. I even skinned the fillet for him. As a reward he's washing the dishes (that have been piling up since Sunday...) Isn't he great?

I wrote up my Shabbos menu, 'to-do list' and shopping list today. I'm really really tempted to make this dark chocolate toffee with walnuts - it looks delectable. We'll be hosting Z's brother, Abe. He hasn't been here in a while - so it'll be nice to see him and spend some time with him.

I'm hoping to make it to 'Meuhedet' tomorrow morning to get the bloodwork done. Then I plan on doing my grocery shopping and hopefully getting most of the cooking and cleaning done before heading out to Petah Tiqwa for an awesome night of 'Japanese Style Dinner' with friends and even some family.

Stay tuned because there may just be some photographic evidence of good times...

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