Monday, February 14, 2011

Cramp On...

Shabbos was nice and relaxing. Due to forgetfulness and the like I neglected to get a new timer for the 2nd heater. That meant that we could only have 1 plugged in. Since we were having a guest we opted to set the heater up in the living room. So Shabbos afternoon I napped on the rug near the heater and felt like a bum - probably because I was wearing an oversized sweatshirt, was wrapped up in 2 blankets and was sleeping on the floor.

Saturday night Z pulled an all-nighter working on his project (which was supposed to be presented on Sunday morning.) In relatively unrelated and yet somehow pertinent news - army boots squeak on clean tile floors - loudly. Suffice it to say that after going to sleep at 2:30 in the morning I was woken up by squeaky boots at a little after 5am. Being me - I couldn't fall back asleep. The bright side was that I got to drive down to the bus stop and save our guest a walk down the hill in the pouring rain. Am I nice or what?

Sunday was boring as all heck. I watched 15 episodes of tv shows and a movie (or was it 2?) Meanwhile Z continued to work on his project and decided to play 'hooky' and hand in the project on Monday. At 4pm (with the project not quite finished) he fell asleep and didn't resurface until 11:55pm - at which time he ate a snack and went back to sleep. (Yet another proof that pulling all-nighters is not actually productive.)

Monday morning dawned bright and early - since Z started class again today. 'Yay' for second semester. I expected to spend the day home alone, slightly bored and obsessively checking facebook for updates. Unfortunately the internet was down. Not just 'slow' but all the way down. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Netvision trying to reset the router and check the modem only to be informed that the problem was on Bezeq's end. 10 minutes on hold with Bezeq culminated in a useless 2 minute conversation with a tech-support guy who informed me that Bezeq was 'upgrading their systems' today and that there wouldn't be any internet until at least 4pm.

At little before 2 I got a 'distress call' from Sarah Leah. She was en-route to Ariel from Jeru when the bus broke down in Shilo. Another bus had been dispatched from Jeru but was not going to arrive for a minimum of an hour and a half to save the stranded passengers. I decided to be nice so I threw a skirt and mitpachat on and ran out to pick her up.

At 4:20 the internet service situation still hadn't been resolved. I was annoyed. So I called Bezeq and finally got the problem sorted out.

I had waited all day for the internet to comeback and it was finally restored to working order. I logged on to facebook and gmail. I checked Tastespotting then I realized that I was bored bored bored.

I spoke to Freddie, Shosh and Sara on the phone.

I heated up onion soup and rolls as a late lunch for Sarah Leah.

I folded 3 loads of laundry and washed all the dishes.

I guess it's good that I got out of the house today.

Sarah Leah is going to be staying until Thursday - it's finally her 'vacation' from school. Tomorrow Z has no class (yay for free Tuesdays this semester!) so sushi party for lunch and then Sara and Renat are supposed to join us for dinner - though I have no clue what to make yet. And now I have to make the tough decision of whether to go to The Sun House for Shabbos this week - yet again - cause Mr&Mrs. Freddie are going to be there for the weekend.

Too much for my brain to handle. I think I'll go start prepping for dinner (penne with mushroom cream sauce) because Z will be home eventually and he'll probably be hungry after his first day of a new semester...

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