Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cranberry Flavanoids

I surfaced from the depths of a frightening dream. The sky was bright and I was fine. I checked my watch, it read 6:30am. The fluffy clouds floating past my window were incongruous with the time appearing on my watch but who am I to second-guess a time-piece which consistently runs 10 minutes slow. I felt exhausted and couldn't find my glasses. I closed my eyes and figured I might as well sleep a little bit longer. Tired but unable to sleep I dug through mounds of stuffed-animals and emerged victorious, with glasses in hand. A quick glance at the clock on the shelf showed that it was actually 9:00am. I jumped out of bed mentally berating myself for sleeping so late and wasting the morning when I had decided to spend them organizing and straightening up. Annoyed with myself I watched 5 episodes of television before doing anything remotely productive.

Finally I got myself up off the couch. First I cleared off the kitchen counter - I put away the ingredients that I had used to bake yesterday and the random utensils that I had left lying around. Then I cleaned up the guest bathroom - toilet, floor, lint-trap in the dryer. I picked up the tissues and papers that had found their way to the floor of the office and straightened up the coffee table. Last stop was my bedroom - I cleared the enormous pile of clothing accumulation off of my bed and put all of the dirty laundry into one big pile. Then I proceeded to open all of the windows in the apartment. It's a beautiful day and the place needs some serious 'airing out' after being closed against the crazy rain and hail.

Z has off on Tuesdays but he spent all day bumming around in bed reading a book on his Ipod. I'm almost sorry that I 'let' him get it.

I washed all the dishes and took soup out of the freezer for dinner. (I love having a freezer stash. I pulled out 4 containers of soup and a bag of potato-rolls and I had instant-dinner for 3 - since Z is having 2 friends over to work on a project for school.)

I also swept the floor because it was pretty dusty and gross. Now I feel a little better.

I think tomorrow I'll experiment with sweet potato. I was going to jump in with broccoli but I've been getting over a 3rd trial with guar gum (turns out I can't handle it - and it makes me feel gross for 3-4 days while it works its way out of my system.) so I think I'll try the sweet potato first because it's rumored to be more 'tolerable' than broccoli.

Wish me luck - cause copious amounts of potato chips are getting extremely boring.

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Rik said...

I woke up from a horrible dream too. I had been screaming in the dream and when I woke up my mouth was wide open in a silent scream.