Monday, February 07, 2011

"Do You Need Input & Love...?"

Today I 'hooked' 360 tiny-little-strings onto the 'Snoopy' rug that I've been working on for the last 2.5 years. I'm now almost officially done with more than half of his face. Mind you - 360 might not seem impressive but considering I've already done 5,400, I figure a little work is a victory. Maybe I'll even finish it. Heck, just another 2,715 left...
I had the most ridiculously indulgent breakfast in the history of unhealthful eating this morning. A bowl of rice, a bag of potato chips and a cup of ice cream with 3 of those sinfully delicious mint-chip truffles (which I've been savoring.) Lunch wasn't really any better - potato cheese stuff and more rice. At least dinner touched on the 'lighter' side - a bowl of chicken soup is always a great way to end the day. Although - I did indulge in more chips - some potato and some chocolate...
This morning the weather was quite - odd. One minute it was sunny and bright and then gray clouds moved in and out of nowhere thunder and lightning were booming and flashing. Suddenly hail started falling - and the stones were quite large. The size of 2 mini-jawbreakers big. A glance out the window was enough to make me thankful that I hadn't gone out to the store. (It seems that in The Sun House, Yo'Abba got stuck out in the storm on a trip to the post office. Ouchie is all I've got to say to that!)

Of course I grabbed my camera and a bunch of stuffed friends because it is every person's prerogative to make fun where there is no fun.
The fuzzy-buddies seemed to have a very good time throwing ice-balls at each other and at Z (though I didn't get the feeling that Z felt the same...)

Z is working hard to finish up the remaining assignments due for the semester. So I had a quiet day with Toffee & Co. on the couch.
I'm on 'temporary kitchen strike' because the freezer is completely stocked (as are the cupboards) and I think it's time for the stuff to get eaten. Yeah, I suddenly realized that Purim is 6 short weeks away - which means that Pesach is right around the corner! Don't all yell at me - you know it's true - and don't worry I haven't forgotten Purim - as a matter of fact I'm already scheming and plotting with regard to the goodies I'll be making for the shalach manot this year.

So far the only bright idea that I've had was dressing Z up as a convict and distributing bread and soup. Does anybody out there have an orange jumpsuit?

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