Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Earl of Tea Tree

Z had to wake up for class this morning which meant that I got to wake up for class this morning too. He took leftover sushi for lunch and I even heated up a chocolate-chip-muffin for him to take for breakfast. (In exchange for breakfast he took out the garbage.)

I woke Sarah Leah up at 10:30 and after a muffin breakfast we left the house. First stop was at Yael's house. I had to return a couple of books that I had borrowed from her. Yael joined us on our next two stops which were the spice store in town and Yesh for a couple of groceries.

Back at Home the afternoon was relatively quiet. We watched a pointless tv show and then I started puttering around in the kitchen. First I put together dough for a full-batch of potato rolls. While the dough was rising I baked a half-recipe of this amazing chocolate chip marble bundt cake (which I forgot to add the chocolate chips to but everyone said was delicious anyway.) I also put up an enormous pot of tomato-based vegetable soup (with chickpeas - cause everybody love chickpeas!)

At a little after 5 the gang started trickling in. Sara and Renat arrived (drenched from the unexpected rain.) Z got Home a few minutes later. Then we partied. Waxing, Eating, Laughing, Shmoozing - all around having fun.

I drove everybody who needed to go home back to their respective places (because it was late, cold, foggy and raining outside.) Back at Home I put away 4.5 containers of soup in the freezer along with a dozen rolls. (Don't think the rolls weren't good and that's why there were a dozen left - the recipe actually made 30... So a goodly number were eaten. Just in case you were wondering.)

Tomorrow is another day so I'll let you know what happens whenever the future has become the past.

Sleep tight y'all!

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