Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Avvinersary Z!

Friday was relatively relaxed. There wasn't much to do so everything was done nice and early. (Ahh, the seriously wonderful perks of having no children. Some others include sleeping late, sleeping through the night, only eating potato chips and not worrying about feeding growing beings balanced meals, no extra daily messes to clean up- aside from Z's anyway, minimal trips to the doctor - and the list goes on.)Since there was so much free time we cleaned out the 'food pantry' in the kitchen. Gosh we had a lot of old stuff in there. We tossed chocolates from our trip to Aus. (3 years ago), a bag of demerara sugar that sat in the pantry of the Jeru apt. for almost 2 years and still moved with us to Ariel, open bags of cereal (which haven't been touched since the beginning of October but probably since before then.) Suffice it to say - the cabinet is looking relatively bare now. No matter though - I'll buy a few more bags of potato chips and it'll look more full - for a couple of hours anyway.

Have I mentioned that I think it's hilarious that I weighed 185 lbs when I was eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains but that now on my steady diet of white rice, protein, potato chips and ice cream I'm maintaining a weight of 135. I'm not sure why I find it so uproariously hysterical - but I do.

(Oh yeah - and to all of you people out there who are convinced that I've become anorexic - I cordially invite you to spend time with me and watch how many calories I put away on an average day. Have I mentioned that potato chips and ice cream are my very best friends? The picture below is one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes as a matter of fact. Sliced thinly, then layered with salt, pepper, and cheese with 1/3-1/2 a cup of milk/cream poured over the top to make a sauce for them to cook in. Heck yeah!)
Z went waaaay out of his way to get me an amazing anniversary present. 'The Taste of Shabbos' cookbook has been out of print for quite some time now but I've always wanted a copy. He visited a whole batch of bookstores in Jeru only to find out that the very last copy available to buy was in a bookstore in Bnei Brak. So he went to Bnei Brak on a bus (so that I wouldn't know what he went to buy.)
Shabbos was nice and quiet but it got chilly again so we spent the day under quilts reading. Motzei Shabbos - to kick off the anniversary celebration - we enjoyed chicken soup (with rice) while catching up on a bunch of TV shows that we'd fallen behind on watching.
So far this morning has been pretty quiet. I made a special 'egg' breakfast for the both of us. We took a break from 'celebrating' to do some actual work. Z has a project to work on for school and I got to make a new flyer for 'the neverending project' which keeps coming back to haunt me.

Phil is coming over later this afternoon and will be sleeping over. I'm thinking that maybe I'll pick her up at the bus stop when she arrives and then we can go to the store to pick up the fructozoid-staples. Potatoes, potato chips, eggs, rice and milk.

For dinner tonight - maybe some rice noodles with some sort of mushroom-type-sauce? I'm not quite sure yet.

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