Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Crazy Birthday Lady!!!

Enormous Mazal Tov to the D-ziger cousins in Merryca on the birth of a baby boy yesterday afternoon! Another first cousin once removed to add to the fambily-tree! Now we've got 5 of them! Isn't fambily great?Last night Phil and I worked very hard on a special piece of art in honor of Meanma's birthday. It took skill and ingenuity to put it all together. Only 11 pieces of white paper, 3 pieces of black paper and a couple of crayons were harmed in the making of this masterpiece. (I think it's the coolest birthday sign we've ever made - although it would've been even more awesome with googly-eyes.)
We tricked The Crazy Lady and got her out of the house. I took her to BIG and we shopped for birthday books, margarine, rice noodles (in penne and spiral shapes) and we got the Dibble 9 newly recycled school shirts. (Well, the shirts used to be Drummer boy's but he has outgrown them - so we got Dibble's school logo put onto them - and tada - instant wardrobe!)
After picking up pretty flowers for all the ladies we went back to the house. When we arrived the place was all decorated and party-like in honor of the crazy birthday lady!
Phil even made an awesome looking fructose-friendly cake! I've got to get the recipe from her - it's a new one but it's definitely a keeper! She made it in a bundt pan and we drizzled it with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. We're quite excited to eat it!
Have a wonderful weekend everybuddie!

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