Thursday, February 03, 2011

Haskel & Genendel

Regardless of how unproductive I've been all week - come Thursday I do stuff. Granted I do a lot more if we're actually going to be Home for Shabbos - but that's usually the case.I learned a new trick about eggs. Have you ever needed a couple of eggs for a recipe, but didn't want to shlep the whole carton out of the fridge, and then you wind up having eggs rolling all over your kitchen counter (and possibly onto the floor or into the sink!??!) Well, just in case you ever wondered how to keep rowdy raw eggs in line - I'll share this little gem with you. You know how there's that lining-stuff on the inside of an egg? Well, on the wider end of the egg there's a little air-pocket between the lining and the shell. So - if you carefully tap the egg against the counter and gently fracture the shell, your eggs will stand at attention instead of running amok.
Today I went through my (mostly empty) vegetable bin and threw out all sorts of fuzzy cucumbers. (Yes, I mean fuzzy cucumbers and that's not a dirty euphemism.) Then I peeled and boiled all but 3 potatoes (most got turned into potato-cheese-bake for Shabbos lunch, and a couple are waiting in the fridge - either I'll eat them with a little bit of salt, or I'll turn them into potato bread next week.) The next basket I tackled was the onion-holder. I found a whole batch of aliens - all grown up and ready to create an army of their own...
Today was actually a relatively busy day. I washed 4 loads of laundry (including the softest-fuzziest blanket in the world) - I baked challah and made the chicken soup for Shabbos. I also took the fish, lasagna and chicken out of the freezer to defrost. I was very good about keeping up with dishes and washed as I went. I also prepped for dinner because Sara & Little Brother were coming over.

I made noodles. I've been making pasta when guests come - because I have a whole bunch in the pantry. Truth is that Z doesn't really like pasta (especially as leftovers) but I found this new tomato-cream sauce that I really wanted to try. (Everybody enjoyed - though Z said that if I'm making a tomato-cream sauce that he prefers Penne A'la Vodka.)

I also tried this new recipe for rolls. They're 'no knead' variety and are ready in about 80 minutes start to finish (1 hour is rising and about 20-25 minutes for baking.) I really like no knead because you don't even need to get your hands dirty. Seriously - you stir the dough up with a spoon/spatula. After the rise you stir it down again and then you spoon it into muffin-tins. It rises and then you bake. When they're done - they're done. Oh yeah - and they're light and fluffy like a dream. It felt like squeezing clouds when I took them out of the pans.
For dessert I tried a new super-fudgy brownie recipe. There were mixed responses. I think I'll stick with my classic recipe for now (or until I'm brave enough to try them...) I also made whipped cream (to go with the brownies) but some of it was used for more devious purposes...
We played a game of 'Settlers' - I lost with quiet dignity (as long as jumping around the room and shouting 'it's not fair' is considered quiet - and dignified...) Z won - but it was a very close game - a lucky '7', a not-thought-out discard, and the random roll of the dice (which kept coming up as statistical anomalies - 11's, 2's & 12's...) made the game quite entertaining. Oh yeah - and the company - but there's always the company.
Tomorrow is Friday - I'm trying to decide whether or not to drive Z to town - I'm loathe to move the car for fear of parking-spot-stealing.

Decisions - decisions...

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