Monday, February 21, 2011

Noogies for Cookie!

Today was a long sort of day. It started off with baking 2 batches of cookies. One batch of chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies and half a batch of classic chocolate chip. (I neglected to take pictures because it was cold and I was trying to get everything finished.)
Once the cookies were baked I packed up the 'wedding night survival kit' and after a nice hot shower I was ready to go to Jeru wearing my super-retro dress (which I haven't worn since 2007.)
We made it to Jeru in under an hour and parked in the lot right behind the hall. We made it early (which was great - because it meant that I got to make sure that the survival-kit was packed up with their stuff.)
The Freddies' were being awfully funny and cute (cause that's just how they do things.) I didn't manage to get any nice normal smiling pictures - but the one I snagged was highly entertaining in my humble opinion.
The bored husbands club convened in a corner and they played games on their various tech-gadgets. Ipods, Blackberrys and whatnot... The photo is blurry because I had to sneak up on them and take the picture without flash. It's a private-club after all.
The wedding was very high-energy and fun - but we left on the relatively early side. Route 60 is pretty scary to drive on at night - but lucky for us the street-lights were actually on after 10pm so it wasn't pitch-black the entire ride. We made it home in 50 minutes and I'm thinking that it is time to go to sleep.

Tomorrow I've got to straighten up the apartment - seriously though. And Z is having a friend over to work on a project - 'at around dinnertime' - so I have been advised that I should actually make something edible for that meal. I'll figure it out in the morning.

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