Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Beans.

I have come to the conclusion that oat-flour pancakes (though tasty - enough) just aren't quite as good as good old fashioned 'normal' pancakes. Oat flour is gritty and piece-y so the batter isn't silky-smooth. Plus the finished product is a dense and chewy mass instead of being a delightful and fluffy morsel which melts on the tongue. This morning I tried to improve upon the recipe. First I made 1/3rd of the batter 'regular' (so that worst case scenario I'd still have something to eat for breakfast.) The next 1/3rd I added a huge dollop of peanut butter to - the peanut butter imparted a nice flavor and made the finished product slightly airier (though I'm not sure how.) The last 1/3rd got some chocolate flakes/chips/chunks stirred in along with the peanut butter.Overall a highly unsatisfying breakfast. Especially because I 'tested' about 1 tsp. of maple syrup with the plain pancakes and 15 minutes later I found myself on the couch having stomach conniptions and slight trouble breathing - that's the first stage of my fructose reaction. Fun, huh? (Though the best is yet to come - the 'worst' of it hits 2 hours after ingestion.) *sigh* I guess pancake breakfasts are officially off of my 'like' list.
It's Wednesday and I know I was supposed to clean and organize and be productive today but I just can't seem to find the patience or energy. I didn't sleep well last night (again) and I'm not sure what's going on. I've been taking my vitamins and haven't cheated on any delicious food (even though dinner last night smelled amazing and Z has been eating chicken-pot-pies from the freezer that make me salivate when I smell them.) I'm just so frustrated!
To console myself after the breakfast fiasco I shpritzed on some DKNY 'PURE' perfume (which Z picked up for me when he was in shmutz laaretz) - It's a little strong at first but I love it - especially once it settles down. It's got a delightful vanilla fragrance and it is very calming.

I've got all of the windows and doors open again today. The air outside is crisp and clean which is just what the apartment needs. I wish it were a few degrees warmer (so my fingers, toes and nose weren't quite so cold) but I'm not wishing for any crazy heatwave like we had last year.
I'm thinking of making little white fishie with crash baked potatoes for dinner tonight - but I'm not sure yet. Decisions, decisions.

It's still early - I think maybe I'll get off my lazy kvetchy bottom and do something useful after all. Even if it's just something silly like separating the laundry to wash tomorrow, or putting away the clean dishes. (Did I mention that Z washed up all the dishes last night after his friends left? He's the bestest!)

Oh - I know! Maybe I'll take the latch-hook rug out to the mirpeset and work on it in the sunshine for a while. That's a great idea!

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