Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overly Demanding...

I woke up at 8 this morning. Quite a good average hour for me nowadays. Z doesn't have school on Tuesdays (this semester) so I decided to make him a nice breakfast. I made a batch of chocolate chip muffins (which actually produced 16 nicely domed muffins.) For myself I went the 'extra mile' and made a 'FF microwave bread' and then I turned it into grilled cheese because we had some cheddar in the fridge.

The afternoon was kind of wasted because Sarah Leah is here on vacation and we were just relaxing today. 7 rolls of sushi were made for a late-late lunch (and I got to eat Persian rice.)

Sara and Renat came over for dinner. I decided to make 'finger-foods' of sorts. I had this recipe for curried chicken puffs - which has been bookmarked for ages but I never got around to making - anyway, I figured that this was my chance. So I mixed up the ground chicken with the spices and seasonings and then decided that the easiest way to get the stuff onto the puff-pastry-dough was by 'piping' it. Things went well until about 1/4 of the way across the first row - when the plastic bag burst. Ever-resourceful I pulled a disposable icing-bag out and filled it with the ground-chicken mixture. Let me tell you - it worked like a charm.
In addition to the chicken borekas (as everybody named them), I served oven-fried shnitzelonim, basmati rice and a big bowl of tossed green salad. I popped an 8x8 pan of blondies into the oven as everyone sat down to eat and took them out right around when everybody was finishing up. I cut them up and served them warm and gooey. They were very well received by the crowd.
Renat brought her external hard-drive over, so I copied all 10 seasons of 'Friends' to my computer. Now I'm all stocked up for a while.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Sarah Leah on a tour of our little town. I think we'll do some grocery shopping too. I was going to make little white fishies and crash-potatoes tomorrow but I think we're going to be having another 'party' - so I'm rethinking my strategy a little bit. Tomato-based vegetable soup and bread of some sort seem like a much better option. The question is what kind of bread to make. Maybe oatmeal rolls? Z really loves those - especially when they're fresh. Plus, they're super easy. Though, I boiled up a bunch of potatoes tonight so maybe I should finally get around to that 'potato roll' recipe...

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Rik said...

I'm in the middle of watching all of Friends for the 3rd time since I got married. The second time I finished it in 2 months!