Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pixies & Flutterbots

Shabbos was fun and delightful. We played waaaay too many games of 'Settlers' and ate waaaay too many potato chips.Friday night the meal was really nice. We drank a ridiculously expensive (and incredibly good) bottle of wine. The perfect roast was indeed perfect and the rest of the food was more delicious than can be adequately described. Little Brother came over after dessert and he won his game of 'Settlers' while we ate mousse and made a lot of noise.
Z & Mr. Freddie went to the early minyan for shacharit but then opted to do a little bit of studying and napping before lunch. The Parents and Drummer Boy went to neighbors for lunch so it was just Dibble, Phil, The Freddies, Z & me at lunch. Once again the crazy lady had outdone herself. The cholent was FF and amazing (even Oscar was happy - there were nice big bones in it which we shared with him.) There was also a whole lot of sauteed chicken breast and even white rice.
We played 'Settlers' all afternoon while eating all of the birthday cake, chocolate mousse, blondies and brownies (all fructose friendly!) It was amazing!
After Havdalah we piled into the van and rode over to S&S's house to wish S a (slightly belated but very very happy) happy birthday! There was pizza, potato chips and all sorts of other yummy things. We were joined by the Admons and it was great fun to see our cousins and sub-cousins.
All in all quite the enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow we'll be heading Home (though I really have no interest in driving.) First I'm going to pick up a night-guard from the dentist (hopefully it will stop the tooth-grinding I've been doing - which has been giving me terrible headaches) and then I've got to toivel my new serving spoons.

We've got Ora's wedding on Monday night so I can't try any new food until Tuesday - but I'm hoping to give broccoli a try this week. I'm itching for something new to eat and if broccoli turns out 'ok' then I'll be thrilled! Mmmmm, perfectly steamed broccoli with sauteed chicken and some mashed potatoes! Wish me luck!

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