Sunday, February 06, 2011

What's with the Poking?

The good news about being a diagnosed fructozoid (with more or less enough self-control to stick to 'the diet') is that I sleep better, I feel better, I'm happier, I'm less moody - heck, Pinocchio said it best (well, almost) - I'm a real girl!
I woke up in a cheery mood this morning and took a delightfully warm shower. By 11 - Z and I got on the road to The Sun House. There was no traffic and we made very good time. We stopped by the Fambily house with plenty of time to spare.
First errand was a trip to the dentist. I had to get a cavity filled and he replaced of couple of 'sealants' - the whole ordeal only took about 30 minutes. Then we went back to the Fambily house - to collect some of the Fambily.
Mean'ma, Phil, Z, Fringe, Ryan & I all went to SuperSol. A good time was had by all. We ran up and down the aisles and provided general entertainment for the staff. Then we tried to ditch the girl in the shopping cart - but she managed to sneak into the car - somehow...
Next stop was at the Dr's office. I just wanted to double check with a healthcare practitioner that the multi-vitamin that I've been taking actually has everything that I need in it. (Considering I get exactly 'zero percent' of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and/or minerals on my super-awesome anti-hippy diet.) Anyway, he said that the horse-pill is perfect and that I should definitely keep taking it. Just to be safe we're going to do some bloodwork to check and make sure that all vitamin levels (which were dangerously low pre-diagnosis) have stabilized and improved.
After visiting the Dr. we visited with S&S. Z helped Saba with some computer-y type issues and I got to spend some time with Savta! We love them - a lot a lot! We should visit more often. I'm telling you - it's time to get that teleportation device working!!!

Next we made our way back to the Fambily house for an awesome potato wedgie & zaatar chicken (& a half) dinner - which was amazingly delicious! After an awesome 'dine' - we 'dashed' over to Aviv to pick up Sara.

As Sara got into the car another friend called in a tizzy. On her way home her front headlights had gone out. Kaput. So she pulled over on the shoulder but didn't know what to do. We drove out and met her - ascertained that it would be best to drive with her 'brights' on for the 2 km to BIG and then to drive home through The Sun House (rather than on the unlit road that it Rt. 38). Once she was calm and 'good to go' we said our goodbyes and drove behind her until BIG. Then we stopped at the gas station and filled up our tank. (Better safe than sorry - and since it was a Paz station we even got a discount with our cool yellow-card.)

The drive back to Ariel was uneventful. We listened to Jerry Seinfeld which provided plenty of entertainment. After 'drop off' at the university Z & I drove Home. Thankfully our parking-spot was empty.

Inside we plugged in the heater and watched the thermometer go from 58F up to 68F. I'd say now it's officially nice and cozy in here.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm rather looking forward to it!

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