Thursday, February 24, 2011

Down with the Midget King!!!

Z pulled an 'all nighter' last night. He came Home from school and asked me to help him make a poster for class. He claimed it would be 'just like making a birthday sign' - he wanted to print out letters, cut them out and then glue them onto a large posterboard. Admittedly it was quite dumb of me to assume that 'quick & simple' would actually be quick and/or simple. He spent 3.5 hours on the computer laying out concepts in Illustrator. When he finally settled on a design he printed out the text (some 10-15 words) in a ridiculously thin and narrow font. Then it was time to cut the letters out. My fingers were ice-cold and the letters were so thin that there was nothing to hold onto. After a whole bunch of words I gave up and walked away. (Mind you, this project was being done 'last minute' due to extreme procrastination. I mean, I procrastinate too but only if I'm the only one losing out on account of it.) Anywho - at 5:30 this morning he finally got into bed to take a quick 3 hours nap before heading out to a 10 hour day of classes.
I woke up at 5:45 this morning - funny how I don't sleep well when I'm reacting to 'fructose-laden' foods. In a way it was good though. You see - I stopped noshing at 7:30 last night, which meant that I was eligible to have that blood-test done this morning. Since they only do bloodwork from 7:30-9am I figured I would get there at 8 and all would be well. I threw on a sweater and a skirt, grabbed my keys and was out the door by 7:50. By 8:05 the blood had been drawn and I walked up to the little fruit&vegetable store to pick up some things. (The guy has really nice produce there - for the record.)

My next stop was the post office. My new cell-phone came today. (I figured that it was time to graduate from my 'semi-spazzy' phone that Daddy bought for me back in July 2007 or thereabouts.) I also popped into Mega to pick up some cheese and stopped at the salatim store to get the chumus, matbucha and chatzilim that I know Z likes for Shabbos.

I drove up the mountain just in time to see Z heading off to class. I stopped, did a U-turn and drove him down the mountain - just to show that I love him - even though he's a ridiculous procrastinator who couldn't manage time if his grades depended on it - oh wait a second...
Back at Home I put away the groceries then made myself an awesome breakfast (to make up for yesterday's fiasco.) I figured that it's hard to go wrong with eggs, so I made myself an omelette and filled it to bursting with cheddar cheese.
It definitely was a good way to start off the day. Plus, all the protein gave me the energy to get a lot of work done. 5 loads of laundry, change the sheets, sweep the floor (including under the beds and the mirpeset), freezer-shopping for 3/4 of the food for Shabbos, defrosting fish for dinner, straightening up the laundry room and finally unpacking from last Shabbos. I also shmoozed with The Crazy Lady and Shosh for a bit. All in all quite the productive afternoon.
Now Z is finally home from school. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his delicately flavored broiled tilapia with a side of fries for dinner. (I know I enjoyed the fries.) He helped out by putting the clean sheets on the beds and rearranging all of my fuzzy-buddies neatly.

He has wrapped my anniversary gift and is leaving it on the dining room table just to torture me. I know he bought it for me about a month ago and I'm itching to know what it is. Now it turns out he also bought me a special card (back when he was in America!) So now I've got fun things to look forward to at the beginning of next week.

Ok - so really I can open one on Saturday night and I'll save the other for Monday. What good is having '2' anniversaries if you only get to open a gift on one?

Yeah - that's what I thought.

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