Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cinnamon-ing the Ants...

I'm on a 'do it yourself', 'be thrifty' and 'cost-saving' mission of sorts. I've been looking around for some sort of 'work from home via the internet' job - because now that I'm feeling better I feel stupid about wasting all my time watching tv and wasting money that is really supposed to be for times when I can't be working. So the way I figured it - until I actually manage to find a job I should try to cut back on expenditures as much as possible - not in a 'poverty is my way of life' way - but in a 'hey, I can do that for a lot less money in a much more convenient way' sort of way.

So far I've cancelled my 2nd cell phone plan (because I don't really use it now that I'm home all the time, with a great landline rate), I re-figured my internet/phone packages so that I'm getting the most for my money, and I realized that a big chunk of cash goes towards 'girly stuff' like waxing and pampering. So - I decied to see how much I could save. I gave up manicures a couple of years ago because a 10 shekel bottle of nail-polish works just as well at home. However, waxing eats up a whopping 780 shekels a year if I go every 4 weeks or so - which I generally do - because I'm crazy self-conscious like that. I remember buying one of those 'wax strips' kits years ago when I was in high school. It came in a bunch of crazy colors with little contoured strips for face and whatnot. I tried them once and it was a disaster, so I was a little nervous to try it again. I'm a sucker though - and to save 780 shekels a year I figured it might be worth it. So, I 'splurged' 30 shekels on a box of pre-waxed-strips - you basically rub them between your palms to warm the wax, apply and then 'riiiiiip' to remove. This morning I worked up the courage to try them out and I am pleased to share waaaay too much information with you and tell you that they worked amazingly well! In 10 minutes and for a mere 5 shekels I had taken care of what I've been paying 65 shekels every month to get done - right in the comfort of my own home on my own schedule. I know, I know - you are probably either grossed out or creeped out by now - but I'm just really excited about the whole thing.

Last night I sat down and wrote out menu-plans for every meal I've got to prepare between now and Pesach. I tried to optimize consumption and utiliztion of the 'chametz' that is in the pantry. I'm pretty impressed with my forethought. Anywho - as I mentioned yesterday - I've managed to book guests for every Shabbos until Pesach. I hadn't planned on having anybody so when I made challah about a month ago I made enough rolls to last exactly until the holiday. Now that we're having lots of people rolls definitely won't cut it, so I've got to make challot.

So - I did the math and decided that with the freezer stash and the number of people we'll be having that I'd need 8 medium-sized loaves made out of a full batch of dough. At least I'll get to separate challah with a bracha.

I also put together a batch of 'Rum & Spice' cookie dough. Sara is coming for dinner Friday night with a couple of friends (Aviv from Eilat & Zvi-kachu) and she really loves Rum&Spice - so I'm making them 'specially for her.

I've got lots of laundry to do and I also need to go out to the grocery store. It's kind of funny how no matter how many eggs I buy I always seem to run out. The same goes for flour and margarine. I guess maybe I do bake and cook too much.

I was going to be lazy and tell Z to eat soup from the freezer stash for dinner - but I felt a little guilty doing that because that's what he had last night. So, I decided to be slightly less lazy than I wanted to be and made these awesome pretzel-dogs. They're hot-dogs wrapped in soft pretzel. Z seemed to like them, especially with mustard. Go figure. I'm pretty sure that they'll hold up slightly better as 'left-overs' than the ones in puff-pastry do. He usually eats 6 hot-dogs for dinner, but I only made 4 - and with all the pretzel-deliciousness going on he actually only ate 2. (I guess he's got 2 for lunch tomorrow - score! One less thing to think about.)
In less happy news - today more rockets fell on Beer Sheva and someone was shot near Revava. Scariest for me was a terror attack in Jerusalem at Binyanei Haumah at the bus-stop where we usually wait for the 417 bus to The Sun House. 30 people wounded, 1 succumbed to her injuries. Insanity - absolute insanity. Where's Moshiach already? Tsunamis, Bombs, Earthquakes, Murders - it's got to end at some point. When will enough be enough?!

Tomorrow grocery shopping, laundry-washing, Shabbos cooking, more organizing and hopefully happier news around the world.

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