Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goofy Face...

In the last 2.5 weeks I have bought 32 bags of potato chips at Yesh. Sounds crazy I know. But they're the 50-gram 'snack size' bags. Oh yeah - and they've been on this insane sale which lets you get 4 bags for just 10 shekels. I know, it sounds like a lot of potato chips- well you know what - it is! Seriously though - if they were all you could eat then you would also stock up. Trust me.

I know I've been on 'radio-silence' since last week. I was kind of in shock and experienced some serious brain-freeze after the shock I got when I turned the computer on after Shabbos. Tsunamis, earthquakes and brutal murders of a family who davened in the same shul as us until they moved to a different yishuv just 15 minutes away. Seriously world -where's the good news?! In the wake of everything that had taken place I just couldn't bring myself to write about the daily-stuff in my life. Makes a person feel really small in a really big universe. That's all.

However - life does go on. (Another one of those brutal facts that never fails to give me chills.) So I'll give a quick summary of the days I missed while floating around in my shock-induced funk-stupor of sorts...

Friday flew by. Z & I went out to town in the morning and then I finished the cooking nice and early. By the time Shabbos started I felt jetlagged (probably because I forgot to take my vitamin in the morning.) The Lockermans joined us for the meal Friday night. The food was good (although I really have to remember to resist the urge to add water to the soup - I need to relax and realize that there will be enough and I shouldn't worry.) After the meal we shmoozed and played a game of 'Settlers' - let's not talk about the benefits of taking wheat vs. ore in a monopoly... They left at a little after midnight and we collapsed into bed.

Shabbos morning dawned cold and bright. It was a leisurely day. A lot of reading - I polished off 2 books.

The menu this past weekend included:

Friday Night: roasted garlic, salatim, sushi (with seared-tuna), chicken soup with matzah balls, couscous, rice, Sara Schapiro's sesame chicken, peas, savory roasted sweet potatoes.

Shabbos Lunch: sushi, cheesy potato bake, chumus & salatim.

Sunday was extremely quiet and boring. Z worked on homework all day and I finished sewing the snaps onto the quilt covers. Z had 'volunteer hours' in the evening.

Monday was pretty typical. Z had school all day and I watched a whole bunch of movies. I also cooked up a batch of dulce de leche - which I stuck a few too many spoons into while waiting for it to cool. I think I'll make some sandwich cookies or swirl it into brownies - though I'm seriously considering filling some hamentashen with it too.

This morning I hopped out of bed then cattle-prodded Z out of bed and we went out to town. First we picked up a package from the post-office. (Did I mention that I sent 100 photos off to print last week? Anywho - they arrived!) Our next (and last) stop was at Yesh. We received a coupon in the mail for a 'free' bottle of grape-juice. No joke - totally free! I figured we might as well make use of that chance - and while we were there we bought some more potato chips...

See how I did that? Right back to the original topic from the beginning of the post.

Am I good or what?

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