Friday, March 04, 2011

Key Dollar-sign Ha

I know - I know, everybody wants to see pictures of the beautiful duvet covers and pillow-cases. Just to be evil I'm not going to post them until I finish sewing the snaps into the duvet-covers. Be thanful I'm not going to wait until I've gotten around to buying the decorative buttons for the pillowcases and sewing them on... Anyway - I've got a lot to do today, as you can see from my ridiculously long and detailed list.

I woke up at 6:40 this morning and got this crazy idea into my head that I really wanted to bake fresh challah. So by 7am Ihad 1/4 recipe of challah dough rising. Then I made matzah balls and put the garlic rice up to cook. By then the house smelled amazing. I was almost ready to throw in the towel and say 'to heck with all the rest' - but since we're having guests I figured I should probably prepare the rest of the food. This weekend we're having the newlyweds - Ora & Shlomo over for Friday night meal. We'll be serving; roasted garlic & salatim (with freshly baked challah), chicken soup with matzah balls, Savta's roast chicken cooked on a bed of (thickly sliced) onions and baby potatoes (which I parboiled so that they'd cook all the way through in the oven), garlic rice, green peas and carrot kugel (from the freezer).

For lunch tomorrow it will be quiet - so I decided to experiment with that broccoli that I bought last week. I also attempted to make a barley-flour pie-crust which I used to make a broccoli quiche for myself. I'm too nice so I also made half a dozen mini-tomato-onion-quiches for Z - because I know he's no fan of fructose-friendly foods (aside from my potato chips which he likes to snack on - which just isn't fair when he could be eating vegetables with chumus, or crackers or breakfast cereal or a zillion other things that I can't enjoy anymore.)

Isn't broccoli a gorgeous color after being blanched? It's so green!!!I was kind of off-my-game this week. I never bothered writing a menu or a shipping list. I get very turned-around when I neglect to make my 'lists' - they're what keep me organized. Anywho - I kind of lost track of the days this past week and was in some weird denial-trance yesterday with regard to the fact that Thursday is the day before erev-shabbos. I didn't actually decide on the 'meal' part of the menu until I was at the grocery store (which I only went to because I realized that I didn't have enough chicken in the freezer for 3 people.) I kind of figured that I could pull dessert out of the freezer (I did have a mini-loaf of cinnamon-swirl cake in there after all.) I also figured I would make cookie-brittle for Z but the whole day passed by and I didn't do any baking - and then I was in the mood to make something that I hadn't made in a while. I figured I would just do it Friday morning - but then on second-thought I decided not to procrastinate.

That's how I found myself baking cookies at 10pm last night. I made 1/2 a batch of chocolate-crackle-cookies. I used my 2 tsp. ice-cream-scoop and somehow I still got 57 cookies out of the dough. That's a lot of cookies man.

Anywho - Z is washing the floor now and the cooking is just about done. Best part of all - it's only 12:30 - so there's time to watch some tv and relax before showering and lighting.

Did I mention that the weather is absolutely delightful today? I've got all the windows open and I'm loving the fresh air! Bring on springtime - I am SO ready for it!!!

Have a great Shabbos everybody!

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and who gave you the carrot kugel idea i wonder?