Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Like a Gangsta Frog...

A thunderstorm woke me up at 6:30 yesterday morning. The rain was pouring down, lightning was flashing, thunder was booming - all in all - quite a gloomy start to a day. It was quite chilly too. Not really a problem for bread-making, because the rising can always be done in a warmed oven.While Z lazed around in bed - I kneaded together a double batch of bagel dough. 11 cups of flour later, I was exhausted but the dough was rising in the slightly-warmed oven. Shaping really didn't take long at all - I think it gets easier with practice. I've really gotten the whole 'gluten-cloaking' thing down-pat - that's where you shape the dough into a tight ball by pinching and pulling dough from the top down to the bottom and sealing everything neatly underneath. It makes a nice strong 'skin' on the ball which helps it keep its shape.
I don't know why people are so scared of making their own bread. Yeast is 'alive' - but it's not like it can hurt you (unless you're allergic to it...) Kneading isn't all that hard. Shaping can be fun. Honestly - there's no smell quite as amazing and rewarding as having a homemade loaf baking in the oven. It's so easy people - and the ingredients are so cheap! It's really not an expensive proposition to just try. You can do it!Freddie arrived at a little after 2. We relaxed for a little bit while I started making the fructose-friendly portion of our snacks. I've been wanting 'snack foods' (that aren't potato chips) - I miss being able to grab a bag of crackers from the pantry for a nosh. So - I decided to make us some crackers.
I found a recipe for 'Homemade Ritz Crackers' and following the recipe (very loosely) I made crackers. I substituted barley flour (in place of white wheat flour) and cut back on the water.

They need a bit of work - they're really cumbly due to lack of gluten in the flour, so a starch of some sort will probably get added to the mix. But overall they tasted really great!
At 3ish, Phil arrived from Jeru. Then we partied. First Z stole the laptop (to take to school to work on a project) - but we had been using it to look at Freddie's wedding pics, and had forgotten a disc in the cd drive. I tried to get him to come back but he claimed he was halfway downthe mountain - I stuck my head out the window and saw him only 2 buildings away. He wouldn't come back but I called him on his lie and it led to a lot of giggles (and my almost falling off the counter) but that's neither here nor there.
It took almost 3 hours to look though all 6-discs of photos. I copied all of them to our external hard-drive. Now I've got to get a batch printed! Phil & I looked at pictures while Freddie got comfy with my newest Juliet Marillier book.
Phil decided that she'd go Home to make going to school in the morning easier. We looked at schedules and figured that a train from Petach Tiqwa was the quickest and most efficient way to get back to The Sun House.
I made some sauteed chicken for Phil for dinner. Then I gave Freddie some mushrooms, peppers and broccoli so that she could make a pasta-primavera when she got Home. They packed up their stuff and drove off into the night right after Z got Home with the captive photo-disc.
Since I had a whole bunch of vegetables out and I had defrosted chicken, I threw together a stir-fry for Z (enough for dinner and a lunch), and I sauteed a chicken breast for myself. Quite the delicious dinner.
We watched some tv before going to sleep and this morning I was woken up by wind and rain whistling in through the cheap-o windows. I can't wait to have my own house. Central a/c and heating. No more tris-boxes which let in drafts, look ugly, take up space and make it annoying to hang up curtains. Two sinks in the kitchen not to mention 'top' cabinets and hopefully ovens that fit more than one tray in at a time. One day, right?
Yeah - sure - right...
Well, it doesn't hurt to dream.

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