Monday, March 07, 2011


The architecture-department was granted a 3 day vacation. They had to petition for it, it was cancelled twice, and it's actually taking place during 2nd semester. Most annoyingly the days allotted were Sunday through Tuesday - but only architecture department classes - so any courses taken in different departments still had to be attended. As you may remember - the architecture-schedule is arranged with Sunday as a 'free-day' (because of the sheer amount of homework and assignments) but Z has his 'volunteer hours' - so Sunday wasn't really 'vacation' since he had to work for 6 hours and had a 'moed bet' test too. This semester Z has Tuesdays free as well (because he has taken just about all of the 'optional' classes available in previous years.) That essentially leaves him with just 1 day of vacation. Nice of the school - huh? I guess it's better than the original proposal of giving them off on 'Friday through Sunday' at the end of the second-semester. Yeah, stupid school.
Since today was Z's only real day of 'vacation' we decided to do some fun stuff this morning. Errands can be fun when they're enjoyable. Right? So we went to Yesh and I bought another 12 bags of potato chips (they were 4 for 10nis and had the ridged ones I really like in stock! I'm not crazy - it's just about the only snack-food available to me.)
Our second stop was at the little sewing store in Rova Alef. We took our new pillowcases with us and spent a while holding them up next to myriads of buttons. Squares, circles, solid, patterned - all different kinds of buttons. Finally we agreed on cute little beige ones. I guess that's what I'll be doing on Wednesday. Sewing buttons.
The last leg of our journey was in 'town' - we bought white chocolate and lemons (because I'm planning on making those 'lemon chiffon truffles' - probably for Shabbos.) We popped into Mega for some other random items. We also learned that the only place in the city to get a watch battery changed is at the glasses store. Makes perfect sense. I mean, obviously you would go to an optician to have a watch battery replaced.
Back at Home I put the sour-cream into cheese-cloth in a strainer and let it start dripping. Yeah, I'm making cream cheese in my kitchen.

Tomorrow we're having a bagel making and baking party. Sara was supposed to come - but it kind of slipped her mind, and since school gave everyone (except the architecture department) a week-long vacation (yeah, I'm a little bitter about that) she actually went back to The Sun House this morning. It's ok though - the show must go on. Z will be Home, Freddie is coming over and maybe Ora will come too. It'll still be a lot of fun.

Maybe tomorrow I'll even get around to those FF crackers that I've been meaning to try and make.

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