Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pin Coming...

At 7:00 this morning I got out of bed and turned on the dud. Then I put together a batch of tomato-basil bread dough. While the dough rose, I showered. Then I baked 1/2 a batch of pecan-pie bars and experimented with grain-free chocolate cake - which turned out quite good, though it needs a bit of tweaking.At a little after 10 The Crazy Lady and Yo'Abba arrived. Z left class early and came Home to see them too. I hadn't pinned the quilt covers quite right, so The Crazy Lady had to re-pin them - while she did that I pinned and cut out pillow cases.

Z & Yo'Abba went out to the fish store (yup, 2 days in a row) and picked up some fish for lunch. Today they sampled the 'Denis' and the 'Amnon' - prepared the same way - but turned out tasting differently. There was also some of that amazing chumus from 'Abu Dushi' that we hardly ever get (because it comes in such big containers.)
As the last few stitches were put in place, I vacuumed the rugs - in the living room and in the office. The parentals brought their vacuum so that we could do some 'Pesach Cleaning' (which I'm gearing up for.) While I was at it I vacuumed on the sides of the fridge, behind the oven and in the corner behind the printer.

Then we said our good-byes as they packed up and drove off into a south-westerly direction.
You know how most days I sit on the couch, bored, watching tv, with nothing to do and no one to talk to? Well davka today - when I had visitors - my phones rang off the hook. 2 people that I haven't spoken to in ages (5 and 7 months that is) decided to call to catch-up. Then I skyped with Debs (which got interrupted by my cell phone ringing) and just after hanging-up with her, my cell phone rang again. It was Sara D.
Sara & a friend of hers were going to study for a quiz that they have in massage-class tomorrow. (They're studying physical-therapy - and massage is part of the curriculum.) They went to their classrooms, but for some reason the doors were all locked - which meant they didn't have massage tables to work on. So, Sara called me to find out if it would be alright if they came over and used my table. I said, "sure!" because I haven't seen Sara in a few days and cause the massage table gets sad when it doesn't get used for a very long time. After 'massage review' I convinced them to study some anatomy while Z made pizza for dinner. Meanwhile I sewed snaps on the 'bottom end' of one of my brand-spanking-new quilt covers. (Photos to follow...eventually)
After the girls left I straightened up a bit and then noticed it was 9:50pm (which meant 10 minutes until bedtime for Phil) so I 'skyped' her to say hello and goodnight.

Freddie sent out funny SMS-es to a whole bunch of people today - I spoke to 2 other recipients and we all said Freddie sure is a funny girl. Go study Freddie! We love you!

Hard to believe I've got to start thinking about Shabbos again. Tomorrow is Thursday already which means time to cook. I hope I've got the parts I need for chicken-soup - my freezer stash has run out. Hmmm, I should check on that. I might have to go to the store tomorrow after all...

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